About The Style Compile

Sarika Nagdeo, the founder and creator of The Style Compile invites you to join The Style Compile and share your business and products with many fans and followers at www.thestylecompile.com/
The Style Compile is a personal interest unconventional blog on fashion, lifestyle and beauty.

So what makes it different from other blogs?
A pleasing blend of luxury, high end and street fashion comprising of beauty product reviews, fashion week reviews, thread by thread movie costume reviews and styling tips and tricks!
The goal of The Style Compile is to show men and women that beauty, clothing and creativity can be melded effortlessly.
Apart from all the outfit and editorial posts, she has started a segment called ‘Beauty Product of the Week’ and ‘Apparel of the Week’ which would feature her fabulous finds.

Who is Sarika Nagdeo?

Sarika Nagdeo is a college cutie who cannot stop ranting about fashion, beauty and style.
She loves all things peplum and is a DIY queen. Her first internship was at the age of 16 where she worked under designer Nandita Thirani for the Lakme Fashion Week. 
All the backstage fashion week drama, the glitz and glamour lured her towards styling. She believes “Fashion can be bought, but it takes immense creativity to style.” Finally all her styling internships and magazine reading has bared yummy fruits with her blog.
The Style Compile is her cute lovechild.


  1. Loving this blog dear. Its hard to find fashion bloggers who don't only talk about designer labels !

    1. Thanks somorita :D Means a lot! Thanks for following :)

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