Friday, 26 August 2016

Make your Home free from any Dampness. Fix it now with Dr.Fixit!

With the onset of monsoon showers, we as humans get ready to brace the detoriation in our health with viral fever, cold, etc. Our home walls just like us, experience health issues in the form of dampness, cracks and leakage.

During the rainy season, moisture from the rains seeps through the exterior of our buildings into the interiors of our home walls that creates dampness and cracks in our walls that stay put even after the monsoons.

Just like we take care of our health by visiting the doctor, we need to take care of our homes too.
To take care of the health of our homes, we need to fix the problem. And, to fix the problem, Dr.Fixit by Pidilite comes to play. Every year, my home would experience dampness and cracks. From ceiling cracks to wall dampness, fungus in my hall and the paint peeling off, the rains would terrify me.Every time I would be having guests over, I had to re-place the furniture against the walls just to hide the cracks.And, this would keep continuing until I had to re-paint the whole house just before festivities like Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali.

Re-painting the whole house with wall putti every year would burn a hole in my wallet. Hence, temporary solutions like these will not fix the problem. To find a permanent solution, I came across waterproofing techniques by Dr.Fixit that give you a life-long solution i.e life - long health to your homes.

So what is waterproofing?
A thin layer of water resistant material is applied in our homes in order to prevent water from entering into the walls. Waterproofing of our terrace, basement, kitchen, balconies and bathrooms are of utmost importance. These are the places where rainwater comes into first contact with our walls.

To waterproof your home, one need not break past the wall plaster to reach to brick level. The water resistant material is directly applied on the damp internal wall by brush. Due to its quick drying technology, the waterproofing is done very quickly.

For freedom from dampnees and leakages, companies like Dr.Fixit provide a team of dedicated technical experts for site inspection who compile timely solution and recommendation reports. Dr Fixit also has trained applicators who are the ambassadors for good waterproofing workmanship. The continuous efforts taken by Dr.Fixit aim for a leakage free India.

And, to support this initiative by Dr.Fixit and to cure the cracks to my and your home walls, I suggest the use of Dr.FixitCrackXShrinkfree. This superior quality waterproof coating would prevent the seepage of rainwater into your home walls.

Like I mentioned, waterproofing of bathrooms is of utmost importance since the bathroom is exposed to rainwater regularly. Repairing a bathroom can definitely be an expensive tool. To save on some money, we tend to neglect the bathroom area. But, Dr.Fixit’sBathseal range of products like the Bathseal Tape for the strong bonding between the PVC and the cement and the Bathseal 2K for the economical waterproof coating for sunken portion of your bathroom can prevent recurring repairs in the future. Also, make sure your drain the water in your bathroom only though pipes!

Mr. Bachchan also cares for his home and hence, his waterproofing doctor is Dr.Fixit. Check out the video to know what happened to his home:

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