Friday, 10 June 2016

Cosset Box - A Period Subscription Box

It has been said time and again that it's TIME we openly speak about PERIODS. Everytime we walk into a pharmacy or a general store to stock up on our amenities for the coming month, we are often given our sanitary napkins in a black bag to hide it's contents. Even though we aren't ashamed of buying our supplies, our society somehow makes us feel embarrassed.

And often, we forget to stock up on our supplies and when the date arrives, you have to run down to the store to get your sanitary napkins.

So to save you the worry, I am going to tell you about COSSET BOX - India's premium period subscription box.

Everyone subscribes to makeup boxes, then why not subscribe to a period box?

COSSET makes our life easier by delivering sanitary napkins, comfort food and and pampering items right to our doorstep!

So here's how it works : Get onto!

1. You get to pick what goes into your BOX : For example, the sanitary napkin or tampon that you want.

2. Select the Type of Box : BASIC or INDULGENCE
The Basic box consists of sanitary napkins ONLY
The Indulgence Box consists of Sanitary Napkins, Comfort Food, Pampering Items and handpicked gifts,

3. Select a PLAN of Subscription : 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months or 12 Months

4. You Enter your Period Details - The first day of your last period and the frequency of your periods.

Wasn't that super easy to do? Also, it's a nice feeling to self indulge every month! 

I am going to be running a contest on my Instagram Channel where I'll be picking one winner who gets to win a COSSET BOX! Head onto my Instagram channel to know more. For those who are not already following me, you can follow me on @sarikanagdeo_tsc on Instagram
Here's what I got in my Indulgence Cosset Box :


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