Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Blended with Love : Garnier Ultra Blends Review

Garnier India recently launched their new range of Paraben free shampoo range - Garnier Ultra Blends. Focusing on natural hair care ingredients, the range includes five variants; each variant for a different hair type and hair problem. 
Priced at 55/- for 90 ml.

The 5 Blends are : 

1. Soy Milk and Almonds for Dry Hair
2. 5 Precious Herbs - Green tea, Aloe Vera, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Henna for Healthy Hair Everyday
3. Royal Jelly and Lavender for Hair Breakage
4. Henna and Blackberry for dull and lifeless hair
5. Mythic Oil for under nourished hair.

Suffering from split ends and frizziness when I had long hair to now under nourished short hair. I have been through it all. Since, everyone suffers from different hair problems, there's a blend for every hair problem. My favorite has to be the Henna and Blackberry blend since it leaves my hair so silky and shiny and it smells heavenly! Also, the packaging has really caught my fancy! 

With the onset of rains, the Garnier Ultra Blends range has become my savior in disguise! Check out my post-hair wash pictures : 
The blackberry consists of Vitamin C with a high concentration of anti-oxidants that made my hair shine and with henna, my hair was more nourished. I can notice the difference in just one hair wash.

Go Ahead, Choose your BLEND!


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