Monday, 16 May 2016

Collecting Memories...

Don't we all want to remember the places we travel through souvenirs? And, what makes for better souvenirs than fridge magnets?

As you all must have noticed, I was travelling for quite a few months, and I too, did buy my share of souvenirs to remember the places that I traveled to. Also, they make for amazing gifts!

I recently stumbled upon this website called FancyMags that lets you customize your fridge magnets when you sync it to your Instagram account. I chose a pack of 9 magnets and trust me, it was a tough decision to pick which images I wanted to add to my cart! Anyway, the magnets got delivered to my home and they were perfect in size, shape and quality.

I wanted my magnets to be a timeline of events that I will never forget. FancyMags has made me relive those memories and will continue to do to every single time I walk into my kitchen.

Make your memories come alive or gift someone their memories here :

P.S - While writing this post, I am already booking my next set of fridge magnets from them! Make sure you do too!


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