Friday, 25 March 2016

Movie Date Outfit

Hey everyone! So, Batman Vs Superman just released and I cannot wait to go see what's in store! Who are you supporting? Batman or Superman? Also, I cannot wait to see Wonderwoman in the movie!
Well, whoever you are supporting, don't forget that you are a superhero yourself! Anyways, for the movie, I chose to wear this shirt dress and knee ripped denims from StalkBuyLove.
What you wear really reflects your mood and day! Don't you agree?
And I love styling clothes depending on my on-going events for the day! So when you are off to see a superhero movie, why not reflect the same theme in your clothes?

Here are the different ways you could wear this shirt dress:
1. Button it up all throughout and wear it like a maxi dress
2. Wear it like a long overcoat over a crop top OR
3. Just wear it like I did!

You can purchase this versatile Shirt Dress here


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