Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Twirling Romance

Today's #OOTD Post features this lovely sheer embroidered outfit by StalkBuyLove and a matching fringe bag from StalkBuyLove .

It's OCTOBER. And, it's my birthday month. I couldn't be more happier than to start my birthday month in this outfit.

The flow and structure of this dress got me twirling right before I stopped by for a lunch date.
When there's an impromptu change of plans and you need to head out, I say, slip on this dress with minimal jewelry. 
Keep the accessories to bare minimum and let the dress speak for itself. The color is elegant with the right amount of flare.
Considering that most of our parents and outsiders do give us the stares when there's a cut in our dress, I'd like to think of this outfit as my SAVIOR! 

P.S - Don't be surprised if you end up seeing me in this outfit more than once!


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