Monday, 28 September 2015

Modern Jewellery for the Modern Bride

For someone like me, who has just entered her twenties, the word “marriage” does come to mind often. Sooner or later, just like any other girl, I will be planning my wedding and wishing that it would be exclusive and an exciting experience. Although, one would not expect me to be the conventional shy bride, but, my outfit and jewelry shall definitely play an important and major part in my wedding preps.

But, one question comes to mind! What will I do with my heavy bridal jewelry after the wedding? I’ve witnessed my mother and relatives who store their wedding jewelry as family heirlooms and pass it onto their future generations. But, what is the point of buying precious jewelry when you can only wear it on your wedding?

Recently, my cousin got engaged and is set to get married in December and hence, I visited Manubhai Jewellers in Borivali to get my hands on something special for myself and my family!
I walked in wearing a LBD and got the ‘confused stares.’ Well, if my jewelry can look good on a casual dress, it is bound to look amazing on ethnic wear. Plus, I was really looking for something that could be worn on casual evening wear and festivities. I somehow made my mind that finding such jewelry would be a tough task, but turns out that it wasn’t so.

When they asked me what I was exactly looking for, I gave them my exact specifications – The Occasion, Should not be too flashy, should be a rare piece and should be wearable on all sorts of occasions.

The staff at Manubhai Jewellers knows their job very well. They provided me with an array of options to choose from. I had my eyes on their Modern Fusion Collection which consists of matte gold kundan and jadau jewellery adorned with south sea pearls and other precious stones. I thought to myself “Was I in heaven? Is this even possible that these jewels have met my checklist?”
Also, my second favorite collection was their Utsavi Collection which is for the “dream bride.” One look at it and your wedding guests are bound to look at you again!

For those who do not know of Manubhai Jewellers, they are located at Borivali West and are one of the leading retailers for gold, jadau and kundan and diamond jewellery in Mumbai.
P.S – From a traditional bride to a modern bride, their jewellery meets every bride and her family’s needs. Make sure you drop by once!

Also, for those who are looking to get engaged, make sure you ask for their couple rings! I spent 15 minutes looking at the variety of their rings and thought to myself “It’s time to find someone!”

I also shot a video at the Manubhai Jewellers Store, Borivali
Check it out here : 

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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Mix It Up. Fix It Up.

My wardrobe is a mix of everything. Also, my wardrobe is in a mess due to everything.  Every time I plan to wear something, I feel like a mine digger; digging through my heaps of clothes. I am sure you too just like me end up messing up your closet trying to find that one top you want to wear to college or to work.

This outfit post was the result of my morning finds. A formal knee length dress and a blue blazer with floral cuff detailing from StalkBuyLove. Wear the dress solely or with any solid or printed blazer. Dress it up or dress it down. There are more than three ways you can wear this knee length dress. Currently, I am loving the trend of layering your accessories. The last two posts, you all see me wearing dainty layered pendants. For this post, I have layered two chokers which were originally bracelets.

LBD (Long Black Dress) - StalkBuyLove
Blue Blazer - StalkBuyLove
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Blue Choker - Swarovski
Pearl Choker -
On My Lips - Colorbar Citrine