Friday, 19 June 2015

Father's Day with

You do not need a day to specially celebrate your father. Every day should be Father’s Day for all the things he has taught you and for being there with you through your highs and low’s. Since, Father’s Day is 'round the corner and we are probably obsessing over what to gift our SUPERMAN and make them feel special. Well, fret not! 

There’s something for every father – the emotional, the possessive, the stern – on

This Father’s Day is all the more special to me because it is also my dandy daddy’s birthday!

My father is just like a COCONUT – stern and firm on the outside and very soft and emotional on the inside.

I have always been the so-called “daddy’s little girl” – He has bought me and still does buy me every single thing that I point my finger at. Gradually, as I grew mature, I understood the value of money and started contributing my income to the family. Although, I did keep some money aside every week to send my parent’s on a dinner date and a theatrical play just like they would in the older days.

Recalling just a single favorite moment with him would not be fair since even the little things that he does for me count! From taking me on long drives to driving me to every single interview to far places in the rains and fulfilling my midnight dessert cravings, he has selflessly taken care of me.

The past few months have been a little rough on me considering I just graduated and I was having a tough time finding a job. 
Although, my mother would be more than happy to start searching for boys for me to get married to, my father said only one thing “Take your time. Till I am earning, you don’t need to.” Even though I might not express how much you mean to me, I will always TAKE CARE of you and LOVE YOU!

Dear Daddy, No matter where I go in LIFE, who I get married to, how much time I spend with guys, how much I love my boyfriend/husband, you’ll always be my number 1 MAN!

My father’s style quotient has always been FORMAL. He has never worn a pair of jeans or an informal shirt. Well, sticking to his personal style, here’s what I am planning to gift my dandy daddy this father’s day from

Turtle Striped Blue Formal Shirt -1295/-

A striped printed formal shirt that could be worn solely or under a blazer/jacket. Solid colors in formal shirts are deemed to be stereo-typically boring. Hence, I chose this striped shirt that could be taken from Desk to Dinner. Also, I steal a lot of clothes from my father's wardrobe. I could wear this shirt as an oversized jacket! ;) (Read : two for the price of one)

Black Coffee Solid Charcoal Grey Formal Trouser - 775/-

Darker colors are always preferable considering they can be paired with any other color. Instead of opting for black's or grey's, I chose this Charcoal colored formal trouser from Black Coffee. Since, it was on Sale and Available in my father's size, I could not have asked for more!

Louis Philippe Black Formal Shoes- 3599/-

To complete the entire formal look, one needs good quality and superior looking footwear. The kind of footwear you opt for can make or break your outfit. So, consider footwear as an INVESTMENT. I have always been a fan of Louis Philippe when it comes to anything formal and hence, I chose this Black matte finish formal footwear. Also, I kind of like how Louis Philippe's symbol (crown) is embossed on the footwear determining that the wearer of the footwear is a KING himself.

Timex Golden-White-Analog-Watch - 1036/-

A watch for all the time he invested in me and for all the moments I spent with him and would continue to spend.

Davidoff-Cool-Water-Deodrant- 992/-

Due to the monsoon's one can feel a little agitated with the muck around. Also, unknowingly you may weirdly smell of the rains. To avoid it, I could not think of anything better than the scent of DavidOff Cool Water.

Philips Trimmer - 1116/-

Hygiene first! Also, my mother keeps ranting and pesters my father to shave! I wish I could record their funny 'shaving' conversations where my father keeps making excuses for not shaving. This trimmer from Philips is going to be a gift for my father and an indirect gift to my mother!

To buy the items listed, click on the image and you will be redirected to product link! Just Add to Cart and Done! 

Don't forget to shop from and make your #DandyDad feel special!


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