Wednesday, 24 June 2015

DON'T make these Lingerie MISTAKES!

Shopping for Lingerie in India can be awkward and uncomfortable especially if you are not aware of your size. Having to tell the ugly uncle over the counter to show your size and then being provided with the wrong size is all the more awkward. Returning products become a hassle too. Hence, shopping for lingerie online can be convenient, hassle-free and less awkward. When it comes to buying lingerie online, you should definitely check out They have got a wide range of lingerie and shapewear that is worth browsing through.

I am a huge lingerie hoarder. From different styles to prints, patterns and textures, I love shopping for lingerie. When I was asked to review, I was more than excited to browse through their amazingly organized website.

I recently tried out the lingerie from and it fit me just right. It was comfortable and made me feel confident. It was lightly padded with underwires.
What  I loved about was the packaging. Here's the cute pink polka dot box that contained my lingerie :

Here are a few Lingerie mistakes you need to AVOID

1. Don’t wear the wrong bra size – Get yourself fitted in a Debenhams or La Senza store.

2. Not knowing that your band size and bra size is different.

3. Do not Dump your lingerie in the washing machine. – Hand wash it with a detergent.

4. Don’t be BORING! – Experiment with colors and patterns.

5. Don’t flaunt your bra or panty line in bodycon dresses – Opt for seamless bra and underwear.


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