Monday, 22 June 2015

10 stylish KIDS YOU NEED to follow on Instagram NOW!

*WARNING : Cuteness ahead*

Move over North West, Suri Cruise and Prince George, these celebrity toddlers are bound to look stylish. Meet these new stylish toddlers who could give us bloggers a run for our money. No, they are no celeb kids but are sure on their way to become a celebrity themselves.

@Daisyrizzo - Daisy Lou is a two year old fashionista who according to her self-diagnosed shopaholic mom is a “lipgloss-poppin, bubble queen who will do just about anything for glitter nail polish and a PB&J”. From bikinis to leather biker jackets, she carries it with utmost confidence. Also, keep an eye out for her stylish headgears that consists of bandana’s, monkey caps, floral wreaths, etc.

@kelli_murray – Rylee is a three year old who definitely has more followers than I do. You can find Rylee on her mother’s account at @kelli_murray donning cute summery prints and cowboy hats. Rylee also has a clothing line dedicated to her style called “RyleeandCru”

@ministylehacker – These two brothers Ryker and Grey are my favorite amongst everyone. The reason her mother started blogging is quite close to why I started The Style Compile. She set out to show people how you can be stylish without splurging on expensive labels. Common themes that we found in her pictures were where she recreated the look of popular celebrities like Ed Westwick and Robert Pattinson.

@babyellestyle – A two year old diva from Arizona who loves her quirky sunglasses. The mother daughter duo coordinate their outfits and look every bit of stylish. Most of Elle’s her clothing is from Zara, Target and Baby GAP.

@fashion_laerta – From street style to elegant Blair Waldorf inspired outfits to a nerdy look with spectacles, Kailee Elise is one versatile style icon. We love how she experiments with her hairstyle too!

@gavster_07 – 8 year old Gavin is a renowned model for Target and has already starred in Pharell Williams ‘Happy’ music video. You’ll notice a lot of Pharell’s style quotient incorporated in Gavin’s style. Not only do we love his dapper suits but he also seems to have a thing for hats!

@miss-gaby_13 – I could only pray for my daughter to be like her! Yes, Gaby is a three year old drama queen and a poser! Oh and did I mention, she has over 90k+ followers! *faints*

@Jaco3oy – Jacob is a three year old little boy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Jacob’s mother takes pride in dressing him up every single day. And damn, she does a better job than any other mother! *Sorry MOM* Jacob has been spotted wearing Jeremy Scott for Adidas and other high street labels.

@luisafere – Alonso Mateo, a five year old may not be the youngest fashion icon, but he does have tones of fans that wait outside his home to take his picture. He has a dedicated walk in closet that boasts of expensive labels like Alexander Wang, Gucci, Tom Ford and Dolce and Gabbana. Also, he loves taking SELFIES! Find him on his mother’s account @luisafere.

@lindseybelle – Stella is a star! She is a lover of all things print. From printed bathing suits to sunglasses, she carries it off with much confidence. And that’s how she went to school on a rainy day. Gotta take cues from this little diva for the coming soon.


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