Tuesday, 30 June 2015


"A Girl who cuts her hair is about to change her life"

Come monsoon and our well-kept hair turns into a frizzy fur ball. With the changing seasons, our hair requires the much needed change too. JUICE, one of India’s trendiest salon chain that is known to cater to the beauty needs of ardent fashion followers, trendsetters and celebrities have come up with 3 trendy looks to sport this Monsoon season.

 I am not a fan of experimenting with my hair and have maintained the same old boring hairstyle since years now. I am also not a fan of monsoon – wet hair since it can lead to DAMAGE and other hair problems.

I pat myself on the back and decided that it was time to LET GO! To Let Go of my precious locks and surrender to the hairstylist’s scissor hands.

I visited the JUICE Salon in Khar considering it was closer to my home. I was introduced to Ronnie who promised to give me a complete hair makeover.

First, she tested my hair and scalp to know my hair type and the damage that was done by not trimming my hair for months.
She then guided me towards the massage chair where my hair would be washed and conditioned to get rid of all the dirt and oil accumulated in the hair. She washed my hair with the Kerastase Nutritive Satin Bain 1 and conditioned it with Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense.

Ronnie, the hairstylist then used the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe+Rose millenaire scented oil and Kerastase Resistance Volumifique to give my wet hair some bounce and volume. For a hairstylist, it is necessary that the hair should be wet but not flat. The hair needs to have some sort of volume that would make the hairstylist’s job much easier.

Ronnie treated my hair like a baby; taking care of the hair strands and guiding me about what she was doing. She held the scissor in her hand and made the cut. *Poof* 5 inches chopped! Well, I sat there restless waiting to see my complete look. Ronnie then blow-dried my hair and curled it with a straightening iron. I could never learn from the Youtube Videos on curling your hair with a straightening iron but Ronnie taught me and it was SUPER EASY!

From Long and Straight to Short and Curly, I felt like a Disney Princess!

Now, it is TIME for you to GET PAMPERED and to #GetTheLookWithJuice
Juice Salon is giving away two lucky winners a chance to #GetTheLook. 

***The Contest is Valid only for Mumbai Residents***

All you have to do is :

1. Follow ME: https://twitter.com/SarikaNagdeo and Juice Salon on Twitter - https://twitter.com/Juicesalon

2. Comment below with your JUICIEST idea of #MonsoonHairStyles that are trending this season.

3. Only One Entry will be Valid - So make the most of that one COMMENT!

4. The Contest Closes on Sunday - 5th June, 2015. 


Pink Top - StalkBuyLove

Friday, 26 June 2015

Monsoon Must - Have with KARPASA

The rain gods have finally arrived! The only way you can survive and look sane this monsoon season is if you opt for ‘comfort wear’. I’d say opt for 100% cotton since they have absorbent qualities that easily dry out your wet clothes. Also, stay away from tight bottom wear or bodycon dresses. Light, flowing fabrics should be you go-to this season. Hence, I have rounded up the three MUST-HAVES for the monsoon and the coming seasons. Be it rain or sunshine, make these three outfits your wardrobe essentials and reinvent them with the coming seasons!

My statement pieces – Midi black and pink printed dress, the slit cape/cardigan and the printed long skirt are from KARPASA.

Karpasa is a Sanskrit word which means Cotton Clothing. It is a Fashion venture started by 3 close friends, Fashion Stylist & Designer- Anika Raghani, MBA cum- Fashionista- Ankita Porwal & Anurag Uniyal who has left the field of aerodynamics to pursue his interest in Marketing and Media. They share a common bond and passion for fashion.

Karpasa is an online portal for all like-minded people who share the same interest as we do in COTTON! Their goal is to show how one can be beautiful, trendy & stylish, all at the same time in every sense and constantly revamp even while you are penny pinching.

The first look is where I chose this black printed midi dress with fluorescent pink piping. Going monochrome can be boring especially when it is gloomy. Pair up the outfit with matching fluorescent lipstick to coordinate with the pink piping to enhance your look. Skip the jacket, let your hair loose and enjoy the breeze while you can!

The second look features a super comfortable sleeveless cape cum cardigan. We all have been found guilty of oversleeping in the monsoons due to the dull weather and the laziness that comes along with it. Hence, this look is for all the lazy people out there who want to get ready in a jiffy! Pair up your camisole with ripped shorts and this cardigan from Karpasa to look stylish in no time!

The third look is one of my favorites. I have never looked or felt this pretty in a long time. To add a contemporary touch to this ethnic outfit, I paired this blue printed skirt from Karpasa with a white boat neck top. You could also twist it and pin it to make it a high low skirt.

Don’t forget to shop your favorites from Karpasa. Psstt… They do have a flat 50% discount on their first collection and 25% off on Cardigans till 15th July, 2015.

You can buy your own Karpasa at :https://www.facebook.com/pages/Karpasa/831692206907576


White Boat-neck Top - StalkBuyLove.com
Pearl Earrings - Shillpa Purii 
Silver Cuff - Youshine.in
Disco Ball Earrings - Limeroad.com

Thursday, 25 June 2015

#OOTD with StalkBuyLove.com

From now on, I am solely going to concentrate on all things monsoon. Skip the denims this monsoon unless you want the rain to make you look sticky and heavier. Find solace in skirts - mini's, midi's or ankle length. Avoid maxi skirts or take the trouble of holding your maxi skirts every time you walk.
Every time someone asks me the dreaded question of "What to wear in the rains?", I tend to have only one word on my tongue - "Comfort Wear."

Hence, I chose this soft pastel knee length skirt from StalkBuyLove.com keeping the whole look soft and romantic for the monsoons.
I have styled the skirt in two dramatic ways. Check it out below :

You can check out more monsoon-ready skirts from StalkBuyLove here : http://www.stalkbuylove.com/collection/skirts.html


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

DON'T make these Lingerie MISTAKES!

Shopping for Lingerie in India can be awkward and uncomfortable especially if you are not aware of your size. Having to tell the ugly uncle over the counter to show your size and then being provided with the wrong size is all the more awkward. Returning products become a hassle too. Hence, shopping for lingerie online can be convenient, hassle-free and less awkward. When it comes to buying lingerie online, you should definitely check out Zivame.com. They have got a wide range of lingerie and shapewear that is worth browsing through.

I am a huge lingerie hoarder. From different styles to prints, patterns and textures, I love shopping for lingerie. When I was asked to review Zivame.com, I was more than excited to browse through their amazingly organized website.

I recently tried out the lingerie from Zivame.com and it fit me just right. It was comfortable and made me feel confident. It was lightly padded with underwires.
What  I loved about Zivame.com was the packaging. Here's the cute pink polka dot box that contained my lingerie :

Here are a few Lingerie mistakes you need to AVOID

1. Don’t wear the wrong bra size – Get yourself fitted in a Debenhams or La Senza store.

2. Not knowing that your band size and bra size is different.

3. Do not Dump your lingerie in the washing machine. – Hand wash it with a detergent.

4. Don’t be BORING! – Experiment with colors and patterns.

5. Don’t flaunt your bra or panty line in bodycon dresses – Opt for seamless bra and underwear.


Monday, 22 June 2015

10 stylish KIDS YOU NEED to follow on Instagram NOW!

*WARNING : Cuteness ahead*

Move over North West, Suri Cruise and Prince George, these celebrity toddlers are bound to look stylish. Meet these new stylish toddlers who could give us bloggers a run for our money. No, they are no celeb kids but are sure on their way to become a celebrity themselves.

@Daisyrizzo - Daisy Lou is a two year old fashionista who according to her self-diagnosed shopaholic mom is a “lipgloss-poppin, bubble queen who will do just about anything for glitter nail polish and a PB&J”. From bikinis to leather biker jackets, she carries it with utmost confidence. Also, keep an eye out for her stylish headgears that consists of bandana’s, monkey caps, floral wreaths, etc.

@kelli_murray – Rylee is a three year old who definitely has more followers than I do. You can find Rylee on her mother’s account at @kelli_murray donning cute summery prints and cowboy hats. Rylee also has a clothing line dedicated to her style called “RyleeandCru”

@ministylehacker – These two brothers Ryker and Grey are my favorite amongst everyone. The reason her mother started blogging is quite close to why I started The Style Compile. She set out to show people how you can be stylish without splurging on expensive labels. Common themes that we found in her pictures were where she recreated the look of popular celebrities like Ed Westwick and Robert Pattinson.

@babyellestyle – A two year old diva from Arizona who loves her quirky sunglasses. The mother daughter duo coordinate their outfits and look every bit of stylish. Most of Elle’s her clothing is from Zara, Target and Baby GAP.

@fashion_laerta – From street style to elegant Blair Waldorf inspired outfits to a nerdy look with spectacles, Kailee Elise is one versatile style icon. We love how she experiments with her hairstyle too!

@gavster_07 – 8 year old Gavin is a renowned model for Target and has already starred in Pharell Williams ‘Happy’ music video. You’ll notice a lot of Pharell’s style quotient incorporated in Gavin’s style. Not only do we love his dapper suits but he also seems to have a thing for hats!

@miss-gaby_13 – I could only pray for my daughter to be like her! Yes, Gaby is a three year old drama queen and a poser! Oh and did I mention, she has over 90k+ followers! *faints*

@Jaco3oy – Jacob is a three year old little boy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Jacob’s mother takes pride in dressing him up every single day. And damn, she does a better job than any other mother! *Sorry MOM* Jacob has been spotted wearing Jeremy Scott for Adidas and other high street labels.

@luisafere – Alonso Mateo, a five year old may not be the youngest fashion icon, but he does have tones of fans that wait outside his home to take his picture. He has a dedicated walk in closet that boasts of expensive labels like Alexander Wang, Gucci, Tom Ford and Dolce and Gabbana. Also, he loves taking SELFIES! Find him on his mother’s account @luisafere.

@lindseybelle – Stella is a star! She is a lover of all things print. From printed bathing suits to sunglasses, she carries it off with much confidence. And that’s how she went to school on a rainy day. Gotta take cues from this little diva for the coming soon.


Friday, 19 June 2015

Father's Day with Jabong.com

You do not need a day to specially celebrate your father. Every day should be Father’s Day for all the things he has taught you and for being there with you through your highs and low’s. Since, Father’s Day is 'round the corner and we are probably obsessing over what to gift our SUPERMAN and make them feel special. Well, fret not! 

There’s something for every father – the emotional, the possessive, the stern – on Jabong.com

This Father’s Day is all the more special to me because it is also my dandy daddy’s birthday!

My father is just like a COCONUT – stern and firm on the outside and very soft and emotional on the inside.

I have always been the so-called “daddy’s little girl” – He has bought me and still does buy me every single thing that I point my finger at. Gradually, as I grew mature, I understood the value of money and started contributing my income to the family. Although, I did keep some money aside every week to send my parent’s on a dinner date and a theatrical play just like they would in the older days.

Recalling just a single favorite moment with him would not be fair since even the little things that he does for me count! From taking me on long drives to driving me to every single interview to far places in the rains and fulfilling my midnight dessert cravings, he has selflessly taken care of me.

The past few months have been a little rough on me considering I just graduated and I was having a tough time finding a job. 
Although, my mother would be more than happy to start searching for boys for me to get married to, my father said only one thing “Take your time. Till I am earning, you don’t need to.” Even though I might not express how much you mean to me, I will always TAKE CARE of you and LOVE YOU!

Dear Daddy, No matter where I go in LIFE, who I get married to, how much time I spend with guys, how much I love my boyfriend/husband, you’ll always be my number 1 MAN!

My father’s style quotient has always been FORMAL. He has never worn a pair of jeans or an informal shirt. Well, sticking to his personal style, here’s what I am planning to gift my dandy daddy this father’s day from Jabong.com

Turtle Striped Blue Formal Shirt -1295/-

A striped printed formal shirt that could be worn solely or under a blazer/jacket. Solid colors in formal shirts are deemed to be stereo-typically boring. Hence, I chose this striped shirt that could be taken from Desk to Dinner. Also, I steal a lot of clothes from my father's wardrobe. I could wear this shirt as an oversized jacket! ;) (Read : two for the price of one)

Black Coffee Solid Charcoal Grey Formal Trouser - 775/-

Darker colors are always preferable considering they can be paired with any other color. Instead of opting for black's or grey's, I chose this Charcoal colored formal trouser from Black Coffee. Since, it was on Sale and Available in my father's size, I could not have asked for more!

Louis Philippe Black Formal Shoes- 3599/-

To complete the entire formal look, one needs good quality and superior looking footwear. The kind of footwear you opt for can make or break your outfit. So, consider footwear as an INVESTMENT. I have always been a fan of Louis Philippe when it comes to anything formal and hence, I chose this Black matte finish formal footwear. Also, I kind of like how Louis Philippe's symbol (crown) is embossed on the footwear determining that the wearer of the footwear is a KING himself.

Timex Golden-White-Analog-Watch - 1036/-

A watch for all the time he invested in me and for all the moments I spent with him and would continue to spend.

Davidoff-Cool-Water-Deodrant- 992/-

Due to the monsoon's one can feel a little agitated with the muck around. Also, unknowingly you may weirdly smell of the rains. To avoid it, I could not think of anything better than the scent of DavidOff Cool Water.

Philips Trimmer - 1116/-

Hygiene first! Also, my mother keeps ranting and pesters my father to shave! I wish I could record their funny 'shaving' conversations where my father keeps making excuses for not shaving. This trimmer from Philips is going to be a gift for my father and an indirect gift to my mother!

To buy the items listed, click on the image and you will be redirected to product link! Just Add to Cart and Done! 

Don't forget to shop from http://www.jabong.com/ and make your #DandyDad feel special!