Monday, 4 May 2015

Summer Splurges for MEN

So I am back with a MEN's post this time! Yay! While other bloggers start their own 'His and Her' section and flaunt their ZARA blazers and Diesal Jeans, I am here with the best budget buys (psst.. online shopping buys) that will not only make you look dapper but also, save you from burning that wallet of yours!

Come take a look at what the ONLINE world has in store for you:

PEPE Jeans Dual Fabric Button Down Collar Shirt - 2099/-
Goody Two Shoes Look: Wear it over your faded or ripped black denim jeans with nerdy glasses and denim loafers.

Jack and Jones Scattered Arrow Shirt - 1995/-
Too Cool for School Look : Pair the shirt like a jacket over a solid white V-neck tee with Khaaki Chino's and a brown belt. Don't forget to match the brown belt with tan leather brogues!

United Colors of Benetton Beige and Navy Printed Polo T- shirt - 1999/-
The Beach Look : Pair this T - Shirt with white or navy blue knee length shorts with your patent Converse shoes!

Nike Men White and Grey Challenger T- Shirt - 1536/- 
The FAKE Sporty Look : Women have a tendency to fall for men who play sports! So what if you cannot play good? Flaunt this NIKE T-Shirt on the beach with just the right amount of confidence and attitude with a football in your hand. Wear it over white or black jersey shorts.

Montel and Munero Men Navy Embroidered Polo T shirt with Anchor Print - 999/-
9 to 5 Look: For those who fear wearing prints solely, pair this Polo T- shirt under a Solid white Blazer and coordinate the blazer with white trousers. Skip the boring black and grey's for blazers and opt start opting for lighter colors like white and mint pastels this summer. Lighter colors are bound to keep you cooler in the heat.

ASOS Trucker Cap in Black with Check Print - 1200 approx.

What's summer without a few fun accessories? Snapbacks, Baseball Hats and Trilbies are your Go-To Summer Accessories! Make sure you keep it quirky and fun with prints.

Shoes : Do not opt for Sneakers this summer. Loafers are the new sneakers. Shoes can make or break your outfit. You do not want to spoil your outfit with awful looking shoes right? Invest in shoes that are not only comfortable but stylish.

Globalite Glider - I Loafers - 399/-

Globalite Beatle Boat Shoes - 799/-
Men, if you have any style queries, do not hesitate to comment below! There's a solution to every wardrobe problem you have been suffering.

Sarika Nagdeo

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