Friday, 29 May 2015

Quick Summer Makeup Tips With InstaGlam By Maybelline

Although summer is coming to an end, living here we know that its summer all the time in India! So recently I decided to collaborate with InstaGlam (Maybelline India’s blog: and decided to share a few easy and quick Sumer Makeup tips!

Here are a few summer makeup tips we swear by to keep your skin glowing, cheeks blushing and eyes & lips popping:

1.       Start With Your Skin

Your skin is always most important so don’t overwhelm it with too much makeup and make sure you always protect it. A light BB Cream would do the trick to keep your skin glowing, blemishes hidden and always breathing. You can try Maybelline’s Clear Glow BB Cream to stay light and SPF protected this summer. 

2.       Protect Your Pout

Do you love pouting? We do! And we always remember to protect our skin with some SPF but what about your lips? Because your lips are two times thinner than your skin make sure to keep your lip balm with you at all time especially during the summers.  Stay SPF 20 protected with Maybelline’s Baby Lips and keep taking those sun-kissed selfies!

3.       Be Waterproof
Waterproof is the way to go now girls! Especially for our humid summers we need to use waterproof eye liners and mascaras to keep our makeup from running down our cheeks. Also, remember to only use mascara on your top lash to avoid dark marks under your eyes.  You can try Maybelline’s Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara, their Colossal Kajal and their Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner.

4.       Blush A Little

In the hot summer, stick to powder blush versus cream blush to allow your skin to breathe and cheeks to glow. To hide the fluster on your face, from the heat, get the perfect combination of color and glow with Maybelline’s Cheeky Glow Blush. 

5.       Keep It Light

Less is always more, so stick to only touching up those trouble spots with your foundation or concealer rather than cover your entire face. Keep it dry and try using more powders over liquids. 

6.       Go Glowing Vs. Greasy

Stick to powders and light makeup on your skin like Maybelline’s Dream Satin Skin Powder.  And to make your face pop fill it up with colorful liners, eye shadows and don’t forget your lips! Light lipsticks and gloss both work well in the summer.

7.       Brighten Up Your Face
Don’t shy away from makeup this summer, you’ve got all your tips to make sure you look flawless so now let’s experiment! Summer is all about the bright colors and having fun in the sun so glam up those eyes, lips and tips.

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