Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Top 15 Ways of Dealing with Pre-Examination Studies

Hey you all,
So the reason I haven’t posted much lately is because my final exams are due in a WEEK. 7 days. 168 hours. 10080 minutes and 604800 seconds. *faints while writing*
So anyway, I thought I should take a break from all the stressful studying and do a fun relatable post for you all. We all have given examinations and we all go through the same dreadful studying days.
 So I compiled a few hilarious GIF's that you can browse through whilst you are on your studying break ;)

1. Just one tequila shot and I should be fine.
*1 hours and 12 shots later*

2. When words and sentences don't make sense anymore. Why? Why? What did you think when you wrote that?

3. *3.30 a.m - before your exam day*

4. When you Give up on studying and on LIFE.

5. No more ABCD, ABCC, ABBB or AAAA. That's how you deal with Multiple Choice Questions now!

6. Oohh.. A notification. Let me see what it is. *2 hours later - Whatsapping, Tweeting, Instagramming and Snapchatting away*

7. *Dreaming of walking into the examination room with a chit and not being caught* 

8. So does Role mean Importance? Does Need means Uses? Why do they use such confusing questions?

9. *blank face and re-reading the same line*

10. *Yeh duniya... Yeh Mehfil... Mere Kaam Ki Nahi... Mere Kaam Ki Nahi...*

11. When friend's keep asking you questions to answers you have never come across in your textbook.

12.  1 p.m. - *feels hungry*.
       2 p.m. - *Sits to study*
       2.10 - *feels hungry*

13. Self Expressive no?

14. When Parents ask you why you ain't studying?

15. Well, I know the answer. I read it. It's on the left page - the first paragraph. But I don't know how to answer it. Maybe tell me the first sentence?

Sarika Nagdeo

Tell me how you deal with Studying in the comments below!

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