Friday, 13 February 2015

Choose the one for you!

I turned 20 years old four months back and to be honest, I did crib about not being a teenager anymore. Did that mean I had to act mature and I couldn’t be rebellious anymore? Urgh!

The only positive about turning 20 was I wouldn’t experience frequent skin breakouts anymore. Yay! But, that does not mean that I take my skin for granted. I had to find the right product which was not harsh and obviously, was in my budget.

L’oreal Paris’ Skin Perfect for the age group of 20 costs 395 rupees which is not a hefty price to pay for a lifetime of ‘perfect’ skin. Also, they have a budget friendly range that starts from 99/- rupees only.

The age group of 20 is a balancing act in itself. In your twenties, you are no longer a teenager but you may experience imperfections like tanning and pimple marks. You are just out of college and leading a stressful life of work and not getting enough sleep leading to those designer bags under your eyes. 

Considering that you lead a hectic and busy life, you may often forget to slather some sunscreen before leaving the house. Trust me, I have had days when I woke up late and just applied some foundation and kohl and left home only to regret that I did not apply any sunscreen.

The L’oreal Paris Skin Perfect Cream acts like a quick base for all the needed makeup application thereafter. The cream gets instantly absorbed in the skin and brilliantly hides my teeny tiny spots. Often creams tend to look oily after application but the Skin Perfect cream gets absorbed as you apply. How awesome is that?

The cream is light pink in color and smells great. Just a tiny amount gives full face coverage. Also, you will start noticing results in two weeks of daily usage. Well, my face has not become visibly whiter but my dark spots have reduced along with an even face tone. I used the cream before leaving home for college and it stayed till I was back home. Hence, it is fair to say that the skin cream is definitely long lasting!

Now let's come to what I did not like about the cream. After application, the cream leaves a white cast on your face if you do not blend it properly. Certainly what I would not like if I am in a hurry!
The cream comes in a small yet heavy glass jar and therefore, it is not travel friendly. But, since L'oreal has introduced the 99/- rupees range, the packaging of that range is much more economical and travel friendly.

Choose the one for you because you are worth it!

Sarika Nagdeo

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