Saturday, 21 February 2015

Across the Sea

It’s getting warmer and I couldn't help but get my white pants out from the wardrobe. For an afternoon spent sailing at the Gateway of India, I chose to wear my white pants with a dark denim colored tie-up cotton shirt. 

I have been born and brought up in the city of Mumbai, but sometimes, it's fun to be touristy and explore the city.

Shirt - Limeroad
Pants - StalkBuyLove
Sunglasses - Hill Road
Bracelet - Limeroad
Footwear - Hill Road

Sarika Nagdeo

P.S - Valentine's Day maybe over. But, Sailing is an adorable way to express your love to your better half. Don't forget to carry your portable speakers and something to munch on because it can get pretty exhausting.

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  1. Lovely post Sarika. Can't wait to go sailing :D