Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Real YOU - Review

I used to be an avid user of Clean and Clear’s products. As an acne prone teenager, I often visited the dermatologist in my teen years and my dermatologist recommended Clean and Clear. Why? Because every school/college going girl needs to use a gentle face wash that not only does the claimed needful but also prevents acne in the future.

I remember using Clean and Clear’s Pimple Clearing Face wash which earlier came in a grey tube but gradually shifted to another brand due to its ineffectiveness on my skin and its runny liquid consistency. Now, Clean and Clear is back with Neem and Lemon infused ingredients and a much better packaging.

Clean and Clear’s Pimple Clearing Face wash comes in a green tube which is pocket and travel friendly. Priced at Rupees 55 for 40 ml, it is quite a good bargain.

If you’ve got oily and sensitive skin like I do, make sure you add this face wash to your daily beauty essentials. For those thinking, I do not have any pimples and I do not need this product. Well, you should keep this product handy if you want to prevent any nasty pimples in the future. 

What I really like about the face wash is that it is not cream based. Yes, cream based face washes do moisturize the skin, but they tend to make the face oily soon. Clean and Clear’s face wash is gel based with a tint of light green color. Just a teeny tiny amount of face wash and it lathers up pretty well.

If you’ve just woken up with a nasty big pimple, make sure you immediately use this face wash to prevent the pimple into becoming a bloated pimple. With constant use of this face wash, the pimple will gradually reduce and won’t leave a mark on your face.

For those with different types of skin, make sure you check out Clean and Clear's Morning Energy Face Wash range which consists of micro beads that consists the goodness of exfoliation in a face wash. The packaging is extremely attractive and plus points for the transparent cute bottle. My favorite is the Brightening Berry due to its really sweet strawberry fragrance.

If you've got any skin related queries you can always comment below and ask me or get expert answers by joining Clean and Clear's live chat with a dermatologist on the first of every month on Clean and Clear's Facebook Page

Feel like yourself and see the REAL YOU only with Clean and Clear.

Sarika Nagdeo

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