Sunday, 25 January 2015

She's like a Star

Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away and every girl wants to look and feel special on the day of love. In our excitement to receive gifts and celebrate the day with our loved one, there is always one question to ponder on. Yep, the “What to wear?” question.

You do not want to over accessorize or wear clashing prints in order to look trendy and in vogue. I suggest, wear something simple and keep your look clean with just a bracelet and long danglers. Also, try and stay away from the color red and pink given that every girl would be keen on wearing these two colors. Go for subtle pastel tones like the color peach or sport a darker shade of red – Marsala (i.e. a blend of maroon and wine color) which is the Pantone Color of the Year.

Here’s what I am planning to wear this V-Day. Although, I am not sure of going out in the day or night, this maxi dress from Cupcakes and Closet works well from desk to dinner. Whether it’s a late brunch or a cocktail with friends, this sheer peach maxi dress is surely going to grab the much needed attention. What I really love about the dress is its cross back. I kept my look really simple by pairing up my Pipa Bella danglers, pearl ring by Youshine and my mother's silver bracelet. Finished off my look with Faces Go Chic Flamboyant Fuchsia and some pink eye shadow.


What are you planning to wear this V-Day? Comment below and tell me :)

Also, for all the single ladies out there, I say, DRESS FOR YOURSELF and let the others ENVY YOU.

Sarika Nagdeo

Saturday, 17 January 2015


"The new year means nothing if you are still in love with your comfort zone"

The other day I was browsing through my Facebook News Feed and came across this video by Fab Alley featuring popular comedian Radhika Vaz which was titled – What the F**K should I wear? Just a click and I was led to this remarkable, now viral Youtube video.  Radhika Vaz breaks the categorized stereotypes of people judging you solely on exterior basis i.e on what you are wearing. She stands naked and remarkably explains that we should #UNFOLLOW and break free from these trends set by the Fashion Police.
What she said wasn’t wrong. We all want to subconsciously break free from ‘Log Kya Kahenge’. So what is stopping us? I say, wear your cape, become your own hero and dress for YOURSELF.

I remember showing this outfit to my friend and here's what she said - "I will never be able to carry it" and "You think this will look nice?"

Well, here I am #UNFOLLOWING the trends like I always have and experimenting with baroque and a cape from my favorite StalkBuyLove. Unusual no?

Cape Top - StalkBuyLove
Pants - ThatsThefft
Wedges - Local Andheri Market
Ankle Cuff worn as Arm Cuff - StyleFiesta
Scorpion Skull Pendant - Gifted
Midi Rings- Forever 21
Sunglasses - DIY'd

Sarika Nagdeo

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Stand Alone Star

“What cha wanna be - when you grow up, What cha gonna do - when your time is up , What cha gonna say - when things go wrong , What cha wanna do - when you're on your own” – Bryan Adams

My answer to all the problems in life is to dab on some lipstick and get on with it! Isn’t it amazing 
how powerful and confident a woman feels after wearing the RED lipstick? I am sure every lady has spent days trying out swatches in the search of the PERFECT RED LIPSTICK. The ideal red lipstick has undergone various changes in terms of tints and hues. From a crimson orange to oxblood, there is a red lipstick for every skin tone.

After the major success of L’oreal Paris’ Infallible Collection, the brand has launched COLLECTION STAR REDS consisting of 7 distinct red lipsticks, each chosen by their celebrity spokesperson including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Freida Pinto, Sonam Kapoor and Blake Lively.

“The Collection is created with a revolutionary and innovative formula that delivers bold, luscious color that lasts for a full 6 hours, making it the ultimate beauty indulgence. The range is enriched with new Light Illum complex that delivers a rich matte effect. The Velvet Fusion capsules and Ultra Gliding Shine Oils provide smooth and silky application. Pure pigments deliver intense color and Jojoba oil gives perfect hydration up to 4 hours”

My favorite from the collection is Pure Garnet which is endorsed by our very own style diva SONAM KAPOOR. The Pure Garnet is perfect for the dusky Indian skin tone due to its bold blend of oxblood and wine.


Priced at 995/- rupees for 4.2 Gms, it has a long lasting velvet matte finish which evens out lip lines leaving the lips moisturized. All you need is one swipe for a smooth and even finish due to its deep pigmentation. Even though it is matte, it does not dry out the lips which is a huge plus point.


And this is how the lipstick looks on me!
You can buy the Pure Garnet Lipstick here 

Sarika Nagdeo

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Real YOU - Review

I used to be an avid user of Clean and Clear’s products. As an acne prone teenager, I often visited the dermatologist in my teen years and my dermatologist recommended Clean and Clear. Why? Because every school/college going girl needs to use a gentle face wash that not only does the claimed needful but also prevents acne in the future.

I remember using Clean and Clear’s Pimple Clearing Face wash which earlier came in a grey tube but gradually shifted to another brand due to its ineffectiveness on my skin and its runny liquid consistency. Now, Clean and Clear is back with Neem and Lemon infused ingredients and a much better packaging.

Clean and Clear’s Pimple Clearing Face wash comes in a green tube which is pocket and travel friendly. Priced at Rupees 55 for 40 ml, it is quite a good bargain.

If you’ve got oily and sensitive skin like I do, make sure you add this face wash to your daily beauty essentials. For those thinking, I do not have any pimples and I do not need this product. Well, you should keep this product handy if you want to prevent any nasty pimples in the future. 

What I really like about the face wash is that it is not cream based. Yes, cream based face washes do moisturize the skin, but they tend to make the face oily soon. Clean and Clear’s face wash is gel based with a tint of light green color. Just a teeny tiny amount of face wash and it lathers up pretty well.

If you’ve just woken up with a nasty big pimple, make sure you immediately use this face wash to prevent the pimple into becoming a bloated pimple. With constant use of this face wash, the pimple will gradually reduce and won’t leave a mark on your face.

For those with different types of skin, make sure you check out Clean and Clear's Morning Energy Face Wash range which consists of micro beads that consists the goodness of exfoliation in a face wash. The packaging is extremely attractive and plus points for the transparent cute bottle. My favorite is the Brightening Berry due to its really sweet strawberry fragrance.

If you've got any skin related queries you can always comment below and ask me or get expert answers by joining Clean and Clear's live chat with a dermatologist on the first of every month on Clean and Clear's Facebook Page

Feel like yourself and see the REAL YOU only with Clean and Clear.

Sarika Nagdeo

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Newly Launched - Garnier Pure Active Apricot Face Scrub

It is winter time and one needs to take utmost care of their skin. Dryness and Dirt can rob your skin of its glow and lead to acne and pimples. Apart from your daily use of a face wash, one needs to incorporate the use of a facial scrub for a smooth skin. Scrubbing basically means exfoliating your skin which removes the old and dead skin cells that are resting on your skin. 

Garnier India recently launched the Pure Active Apricot Exfoliating Face Scrub. Yes, Apricot! Those small golden orange like colored fruit. They managed to incorporate the goodness of Apricot in a face scrub.

What it claims : With the power of 1500 exfoliating Apricot beads in every wash, this creamy scrub gives you smooth and glowing skin. 

My review : I would not advise you to use a face scrub on a daily basis especially if you’ve got sensitive skin. Do not expect a miracle after using the Apricot Face Scrub. Yes, it does hydrate the skin but you can only notice the smoothness of the skin after recurrent use. It has a white creamy texture with orange micro beads. I for one love using face scrubs due to the micro beads. The right way to scrub the face is to not use a lot of pressure since the micro beads can damage the skin too. But, the micro beads in the Apricot Scrub are not that coarse. Priced at 70 rupees, it fits right in every college going teenager’s budget and works wonders on every type of skin. A must buy for me in the winter season!

Sarika Nagdeo

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