Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Style Compile Turns ONE!

*Warning : Major sentimental rants coming your way :P*

When I started blogging a year back, I did not realize I would make it this far. This one year has been a major ride ; not a roller coaster one though. Not even for a moment did I ever think of stop writing. Know why? Being an eternal optimist, I used to believe that there is at least one person somewhere reading my blog and I am ready to pass on my knowledge to that one person.

The past one year got me on TV and press, socialized with other bloggers and collaborated with major brands.

I am so grateful to the readers I randomly meet at events or while traveling. To those who send me emails appreciating my blog posts, commenting on my blogs and those who loyally stalk me on Instagram and Twitter. And not to forget those who criticize me and send hate comments. Although, the criticism does hurt, but, I have learned to take it positively and started appreciating the brighter side and the impact I create on my readers.

Also, a big thanks to my parents and friends who I keep irritating and ask them to share my blog posts on their social media platforms too.

Here's what I am wearing today :
An adorable top from Fancy Pants and a Tutu Skirt from Fendi in Bandra and accessorized my outfit with this quirky mustache earring from Youshine

Want to see more of my craziness with my TUTU Skirt? Log onto Youtube and subscribe to my channel - Sarika Nagdeo :)

P.S. I think I might have danced a little too. Well, after a year of hard work, I deserve to twirl in my TUTU without any judgements right? ;)

Watch the video here : http://youtu.be/t9PXcj3OON8

Sarika Nagdeo

*P.S - Mega Giveaway Post coming soooooooooonnnnnn*


  1. Congratz sarika for dis wonderful journey.. Al d very best for the future :* xoxo

  2. Congratulations Sarika! I remember watching that video of yours that was covered by BBC. Amazing! All the best, you go girl! :)

  3. Thank you Rohita! Much love :)

  4. Thank you Ankita :) Do participate in our ongoing contest :)

  5. Do participate in our ongoing contest :)