Thursday, 18 December 2014

Santa Claus is coming to Town!

Winter is here! Yes, for the people who get up early in the morning and walk around the town in the morning and late evenings, they do feel the chills. With the party season around the corner, we all want to slip into our favorite dresses and high heels and party the night away. Although, it is a little romantic and cheesy to ask your guy for his leather jacket when you feel cold, I’d like to think otherwise. We do not live in the states where guys would wear a sharp leather jacket – Most of them do not even know to layer their outfits. So what do you do if it gets cold? The answer lies in the timeless and stylish Trench Coat that is bound to keep you warm. Wear it over your outfit or simply button it up for a sophisticated look.

Even though I would love to take my crop top out for a spin, I cannot wear a crop top in the winter unless I shiver to death. I chose to wear a buttoned up Trench Coat from over a Sequined Skirt from StalkBuyLove too. Also, for all the rickshaw rides back home, I need my Ear Muffs from Youshine by my side. FYI, you all should check out the Ear Muff collection at Youshine. So adorable and cute, you have to get your hands on them! Plus, they are budget friendly and comforting. I Heart my Heart Ear Muffs! <3 br="">
 Take cue from how I paired up my outfit and emulate it for the Christmas as well as for New Year's Eve. In case, you end up partying till the morning, you need a classy pair of sunnies from Fancy Pants to hide those red sore eyes. 

Trench Coat - StalkBuyLove
Sequined Skirt - StalkBuyLove
Stockings -
Kitten Heels - Linking Road
Ear Muffs - Youshine
Sunnies - Fancy Pants

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  1. I love your red coat!!! It's absolute stunning! XO Kavi