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Name: Manasi (Ravindranath) Scott

Nationality: Indian 

Profession: Singer/songwriter & DJ

Milestones: Sung on 2 albums released in Australia while studying for my degree in software engineering; Producing, singing and releasing the Indi-pop album NAACH LE in 2005 all on my own; The only Indian singer to be on the cover of The Week; 2006 Birth of my son in 2006; Being the only female singer/ composer/ co-lyricist in India to have a song in a Bollywood movie -ACID FACTORY - as the model on the silver screen as well. 
2009 Many milestones actually... It's such a personal thing! My own concert in Vegas, my first IIFAA in Yorkshire, fan mail... International dub-step song that I've written and composed is now out on ITunes and BeatPort- called HIGH 2014.

Current Location: MUMBAI

Can you give us a little intro as to who you are and how you got started?
I sang on stage for the 1st time when I was 8, in a singing competition I won. It was the first of many. My parents both sang through medical college, and my father was quite the rocker-drummer and backed me on my 1st professional stage performance when I was 12. It didn't become a career choice though till 2001, after software engineering and a post grad in film and television production, when it all started to fall into my lap, all thanks to God! You will be interested to know, it actually all majorly started with the fashion industry. I used to sing at fashion shows, of Hemant Trevedi and Neeta Lulla and Wills and Westside and because I loved dolling up and performing, I would invariably be the showstopper or firstface!

What inspired your passion for music and who has been supporting you from the beginning?
I can only say, music is in my blood and notes run in my veins. My parents have always been very supportive and the rest is truly God's work! I have never learnt music and I sing because I love to and in the words of Abba -"Mother says I was a dancer before I could walk, Mmmhmm she says I began to sing long before I could talk. But I've often wondered 'how did it all start?' Who found out that nothing can capture a heart like a melody then? Well whoever it was I'm a fan..So I say Thank you for the music The songs I'm singing..."

What is the greatest thing about working in your field?
Music heals, liberates, frees, allows, breathes, loves, solves! To be music is to live life to the fullest! And it's true; there is no bizz like show biz! So, a mix of the two is a heady and complete high indeed!!

Apart from your own experiences, who or what else has had a major influence on your music?
Whitney Houston. She was my guru, the reason I started to sing, my master class. I used to belt out all her songs recorded on tdk cassettes and that's how I started to sing.

How did you develop your vocal talents into what they are today?
I just sang. And sang some more. 

Which one of your gigs has been the most memorable of recent times and why?
When Hugh Jackman sang a few lines with me! That was magical.

What would you say is the public’s most popular piece of yours and why?
It keeps changing. But I've come to be known for a break through music video for NAACH LE in 2005; In 2009 MSN viewers voted my film song Khatti Meethi in Acid Factory to be the no2 song of 2009;
Now I'm approached for my renditions of AR Rahman's Khwaja mere Khwaja, Adele's Skyfall - which I performed at the worldwide Asian premiere and Lady Gaga's PokerFace.
HIGH - my original international dubstep release is the current favorite.

And what is your own favorite piece?
Tere Pyaar mein that I composed and co-wrote and sang for a small Zoom tele-film. I created it when I was pregnant with my son.

Share with us your proudest moment in your career so far.
Every single one.

How important is fashion to you and how would you describe your fashion style?
Fashion is my passion! 
I'm flamboyant and original and I don't flow trends! I wear what I like to see me in. It has to make sense only to me.

Any beauty rituals or tips you like to share with us?
Sleep and water are the only 2 most important ingredients!!!

What is your next goal as a musician?
Release an international EDM pe and album.
It's already in the works.

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