Sunday, 23 November 2014

Types of People you meet at the GYM

It's been two weeks at the Gym and to be honest, I am kind of loving it. Firstly, going to the gym does not mean you are going to loose weight. For me, working out is helping me increase my body strength and regain my stamina. Well, two weeks is too soon to claim any results. So in these two weeks, here are the types of people I met at the GYM:

1. The YO YO Honey Singh Fans : Both, the men and the women at the Gym seem to love singing and exercising to Yo Yo Honey Singh Songs. Apparently, his beats motivate them to do more cardio. Though I have no idea how 'Mere Mehboob Kayamat Hogi' (a typical slow devdas type song) by Honey Singh motivates them :P

2. The Trainer who flirts with you : While you are walking on the treadmill, he seems to look at how you walk and initiates the conversation with “What do you do?”  which then leads to “So you come to the gym in the morning, are you busy in the evening?”
3.  The chatterbox aunty : “Beta, why you joined the gym? You are so thin! Look at me, I can’t even loose a kg”
4. The Selfie Obsessed : I usually keep my cell in my bag unlike people who carry it and click selfies of themselves while doing cardio.  Also, not to forget, they do check in at the gym and if you are friends with them on Facebook, you will be TAGGED!
5.  The Newbie: The Newbie is the person who has just joined the gym and can’t figure out what to do and how to use the machine. Guilty as charged! For the first three to four days, I used to struggle with the machines. I had to always politely ask someone to change the weights for me.
6.  The girl who coordinates her tight yoga pants and sport bra with her shoes : Everything she wears and carries including her Phone cover and bag is ‘matchy-matchy’
7. The couple who work out together: They enter the gym hand in hand and engage in public display of affection between sets. 
8. The Hairy Guy : The guy who wears really short football shorts and sleeveless jersey’s and displays the inner Anil Kapoor in him. Also not to forget the terrible body odor! 
9. The Mr. Know it All : The Know it is not an employee or a trainer but still he tries to correct your posture and gives you advice while you are working out. 
10. The Over Achiever : I get it that you’ve got biceps bigger than the trainer and being in shape is achievement. But why won’t you get off the machine? I have been waiting for 10 minutes now! The Over Achiever keeps working out and occupies the machine till you leave the gym.

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