Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fashion Blogger Problems Part Deux

Yes we fashion bloggers are humans too just like you but with better clothes. Little harsh maybe? But that’s what we are here for! To help you dress your best and look your best. When I sit to write a post, I do not google or undertake any particular research before writing. My blogposts are inspired by my day to day surroundings. But, apart from blogging we do face problems in getting that content across to you. 

1. Changing clothes in a moving  Car. Sometimes, even in a taxi!

2. Whaaaatt?? You got paid? The same brand did not even pay me!

3. An event in Goregaon? That’s so far yaaa..

4. Trying out new products to review and getting a reaction.

5. Before going on a vacation, you need to schedule your blogposts and social media posts.

6. Bloggers work on weekends too. We have no holidays.

7. The stare you get when people see you clicking pictures of your shoes.

8. Slow internet or No wifi at Public Places for #LiveTweeting or Instagramming

9.  Writers Block just when you are nearing a deadline

10. Emotionally attached to clothes, shoes or accessories even if it no longer fits you.

11. Fashion Nazi - When you see someone wearing the ugliest clothes, you can’t help but correct them. I remember saying this to my really close friend “Me : What the hell are you wearing?? She : Everything is from Forever21. Me : F21 does not have ugly clothes. Is it just you or your style sense?”
 So yes, we are humans too just like you. Whoever I am today is because of my blog and I would never want to part with it.


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