Saturday, 29 November 2014

Challenges Faced by Fashion Girls who GYM

Fashion girls are deemed to be drama queens. We nag, bitch and we JUDGE! When a newbie Fashion Girl works out, there are quite a lot of things going on in her mind and here's a list of some of the common problems faced by her :

1. You just washed your hair today and it’s all sweaty after this workout.

2.When is Cheat Day???

3.  Doing Cardio - Are they staring at my breasts? Maybe I should keep my hands a little together and keep my hair on one side.

4. Oh Em Gee!!! Hot guy ALERT! And you are a sweaty mess! Where is the MAKEUP?

5. Keep Going! Keep Going! You need to burn that stuffed cheese crust pizza you had last night!

6. Shit! The trainer just saw you cheating your elliptical resistance level! "Please don’t come here… Please don’t come here!"

7. Wearing a Sports Bra so much that your Lacy Victoria’s Secret Bra misses you.

8. Do you mind not staring when I am stretching? It’s not a sexual position so please stop!

9. When your brain instantly dances to ‘Don’t you wish your girlfriend’

10. How many months is it going to take me to look like her?

11. Oh shit! I forgot to get a rubber band to tie my hair. 

12. Ewwww... I'm smelling so bad!

Sarika Nagdeo

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