Sunday, 28 September 2014

DIY Mirror Necklace

Mirror embroidery has been an influential part of the Indian culture since the 17th century. Recently, designers have been experimenting with the signature mirror work embroidery and other handcrafted mirror embellishments. Celebrities have too caught fancy of this trend and are seen sporting the same in editorials and promotional events. We added a twist to this raging trend and built a necklace from reusable CDs. Here is how you can DIY (Do-It-Yourself) your own reflective mirror necklace:

Things you need:

1. Two Old CDs (Compact Discs)

2. A Pair of Scissors

3. Adhesive

4. One Unused Thin Plastic File Folder

5. Six Jump Rings (approx.)

6. One Lobster Clasp

7. One Metal chain


How to DIY:
1. Add your old CDs to boiled water for ten minutes. Boiled water softens the CD and eliminates unwanted scratches. After ten minutes, leave the CDs under the sun to dry.

2. Outline the necklace on the file folder and cut it. It could be a peter pan collar or a boat neck.

3. Once the CDs are completely dry, use a pair of scissors and cut out geometric shapes in different sizes.

4. Arrange the shapes on your necklace outline till you are pleased with the placement.

5. If you like what you see, stick the shapes with adhesive and leave it to dry for an hour.

6. Punch two holes on either top sides and attach a jump ring to both the holes.

7. Attach the metal chain to the jump rings.

8. Add a lobster clasp that will act as a secure lever opening to your necklace.

9. If you still have a few cut out shapes left over, embellish them to the border of your shirt collar.

Tip : Flaunt this dazzling necklace from day to night and see the reflective mirrors change color.

Sarika Nagdeo

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