Sunday, 28 September 2014

DIY Mirror Necklace

Mirror embroidery has been an influential part of the Indian culture since the 17th century. Recently, designers have been experimenting with the signature mirror work embroidery and other handcrafted mirror embellishments. Celebrities have too caught fancy of this trend and are seen sporting the same in editorials and promotional events. We added a twist to this raging trend and built a necklace from reusable CDs. Here is how you can DIY (Do-It-Yourself) your own reflective mirror necklace:

Things you need:

1. Two Old CDs (Compact Discs)

2. A Pair of Scissors

3. Adhesive

4. One Unused Thin Plastic File Folder

5. Six Jump Rings (approx.)

6. One Lobster Clasp

7. One Metal chain


How to DIY:
1. Add your old CDs to boiled water for ten minutes. Boiled water softens the CD and eliminates unwanted scratches. After ten minutes, leave the CDs under the sun to dry.

2. Outline the necklace on the file folder and cut it. It could be a peter pan collar or a boat neck.

3. Once the CDs are completely dry, use a pair of scissors and cut out geometric shapes in different sizes.

4. Arrange the shapes on your necklace outline till you are pleased with the placement.

5. If you like what you see, stick the shapes with adhesive and leave it to dry for an hour.

6. Punch two holes on either top sides and attach a jump ring to both the holes.

7. Attach the metal chain to the jump rings.

8. Add a lobster clasp that will act as a secure lever opening to your necklace.

9. If you still have a few cut out shapes left over, embellish them to the border of your shirt collar.

Tip : Flaunt this dazzling necklace from day to night and see the reflective mirrors change color.

Sarika Nagdeo

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Also, comment and let me know if you liked this DIY and if you would want me to do any specific DIY's :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fashion Blogger Problems

Blogging has become a new age career with brands constantly looking out to bloggers for promotion. Young teenagers look upto fashion bloggers for style queries and inspiration. More so, some of the readers start their own blog for the freebies. Yes, I agree that there are perks to being a fashion blogger but, they are a lot of cons to being a fashion blogger too. After a satisfactory venting session with fellow Vlogger Santoshi Shetty of The Styledge, I decided to list down some of the problems blogger face :

1. Can't shoot outdoors when it is raining.

2. Cops shoo you away as soon as they see a DSLR assuming you are a terrorist.


 3. Fake Facebook and Instagram accounts with your pictures.


4. PR Emails. The worst!

5. In exchange of a blogpost we will offer you a "Token of appreciation" with Vouchers.

6. A breakout/falling sick the night before your shoot.

7. If you purchase something, your readers think that you've received them for free. No, we did not start a blog for the freebies.

8.Too many blogger meet up events in a day.

9. People don’t consider blogging as a profession.

10. Go shopping with friends and get called over to the changing room every five seconds to give your expert opinion about how they look.

 These are just a few problems that fashion bloggers face. If you are a blogger I would love to go through your blog so just comment with your name and blog name :)
P.S. If you haven't watched The Styledge on Youtube yet, you are missing out on a hell lot of fashion! So make sure you hit that subscribe button! ;)

Sarika Nagdeo

Friday, 19 September 2014

A Diva in the Barbie World

I just like other little girls hoarded barbie dolls when I was a kid. I remember declaring pink as my favorite color because it was Barbie's color! I remember telling my mother to get me the same clothes that my Barbie wore and she always sighed! Moschino finally heard my wish I think :P
As I sit down and right this post, I am humming the Barbie Song in my mind.. and hence the title of this post is 'A Diva in the Barbie World.'

Last year, Moschino’s collection was themed around McDonalds and Spongebob. Do you remember those cute French fries phone cases? Yes. I still can’t find one for my phone.
Anyways, last night each of us fashionista's waited to see what Jeremy Scott would present in his Spring Summer collection at Milan. Front row seaters received Moschino branded Barbie dolls and a Barbie mirror cell phone case. And now my heart is stuck on the mirror cell phone case! Selfies would just become much more easier with this Moschino phone case eh? ;)

The models flaunted voluminous blonde wigs , bubblegum pink lips and plastic accessories including bags shaped like Boom Box’s.

I am listing down my favorites from Moschino’s SS’15.
Trust me, these clothes are totally wearable!!

Shoe shaped bag!! Yes Please :D

Sarika Nagdeo

Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Black and White Story

Black-and-white always looks modern, whatever that word means - Karl Lagerfeld

Bottomwear -
Pearl Ring -
Top -
Earrings -
Lipstick - Maybelline New York
Sunglasses - Hill Road.
Colorful Zip Bracelets - Bandra Station
Footwear - EnRoute from Shoppers Stop

Sarika Nagdeo

Friday, 12 September 2014

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am an online shopping addict. I tend to shop online because of the pocket friendly prices and my but obvious laziness. If you have ever seen my outfit posts, there are a minimum of two items that I have purchased online. And some of my best purchases have been through online shopping sites.

For me there are three major online shopping sites that I tend to buy a major chunk from :, and

Recently, has become one of my favorites. Why? They introduced River Island. And for the Men, They have NBA.

Catering to all age groups and genders, ‘s site is very easy to navigate. Detailed categories and specifications are available for browsing which is not time consuming.

Although I wish, I could purchase the Too Vogue for you River Island tee, I was low on my balance. But, the sale was a mesmerizing boon for me. I purchased a black mesh top and studded white danglers all for the price of 500 rupees only!
It took around 48 hours for my order to come home. When you are excited about something you’ve order, waiting for 48 hours is tedious. Tracking my order was easy peasy and I was updated about my order through mails and text messages that kept me excited about my order.

The Black mesh top fit me like a glove and I was pretty much happy with it. P.S – I am going to feature it in one of my outfit posts for the blog soon. So stay tuned…
As for the white earrings, they looked much bigger in the image on the website. The earring screw back was extremely loose. They kept falling off my ears and now, I need to switch it with my other earring’s screw back.
All in all, I am satisfied with the shopping experience and The Style Compile guarantees that you would be too. So Get Shopping before their fantastic sale is over!
For those of you are fashion fanatics like me, you need to check out The Juice Magazine by Jabong. I try to get my copy from CCD and if I cannot, I do read up on it on

Sarika Nagdeo.

What are the challenges you face when shopping online??? Size problems?? Confusion?? Let me know and I will help you out :D