Monday, 18 August 2014

Fashion Blogging - The Golden Rules

Are you thinking of starting a Fashion Blog or maybe you do have a Blog but you’re still invisible to the big brands? Well, I have done my share of analysis and got you the tricks and tips of Blogging.
Me and my friend started a blog around three years back and to be honest it SUCKED. We were amateurs and posted editorials and outfit posts just for the fun of it. But, to be true, we were INVISIBLE. None of the brands knew of our Blog and the statistics were low. Gradually we both got busy in work and stopped posting. 

For over a year, I worked my way through fashion internships and kept on reading blogs and magazines. Most of the fashion bloggers I read about strutted in their designer labels and splurged on expensive beauty hauls. What was the point of reading their blog when I couldn’t incorporate any of their expensive taste in my wardrobe!?

I started blogging again. But, this time, I was blogging alone with an all new name and content. And here I am, completely satisfied with my statistics! :D

Here are the 10 Blogging rules that I have learnt over the past few years:

·         You can’t take breaks once you start a blog. Often bloggers write every week and then for months there are no new posts. By not posting, you lose out on your readers. Fresh content needs to be updated frequently. To make it easier, assign days in a week you could contribute to the blog.

·         Do not copy. If you are into DIY’s, make it your forte. Be known for what you are good at! Just because some blogger is doing street style, you don’t do the same. Sometimes all bloggers are posting about the on-going fashion week and it’s the same content on all the blogs. Pay attention to little details and create a completely different post on fashion week. You could talk about how a certain color or trend was spotted. 

·         Create a unique logo that defines your blog. I had to recreate my logo five times until I achieved perfection. Always remember that your second and third thought is much better than the first one. So keep trying and you will get better with time.

·         Always include good quality pictures and credit the photographer or the website.

·         Ask your friends, family, ex boyfriends or even enemies to promote your blog. In exchange, you can provide them free advice on what to wear and what not to wear ;)

·         No one wants to read paragraphs and lines and lines of text. Put it into bullet points and keep the content brief.

·         Readers like to read your side of the story. The 'About Me' page is of utmost importance. Inform your readers about who you are, why are you interested in fashion and why did you start the blog.

·         Always reply back to your readers. Communication is key to building a successful blog. Appreciate the people who are reading your blog and always thank them for their feedback.

·         Be open to criticism. You are bound to receive bad comments too. Sometimes, criticism makes you work harder and improves your blogging skills.

·         Socialize with other bloggers and brands at events or on social media websites. Twitter helped my blog to gain recognition in the eyes of brands. You could join Fashion based social networking sites like Chictopia and get to know what other bloggers are doing too.

Sarika Nagdeo.

I would love to go through all your fashion blogs so do leave a comment with your fashion blog URL :)
Also, comment below and share with me your views about how difficult it is for new bloggers to face competition in the blogging world....

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