Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to Stack your Accessories

Gone are the days when we wore only one bracelet or a ring to accentuate our outfits. Today, style is all in the little details. Hence, go the sartorial way and stack up your bracelets and rings to add an edgy dimension to your outfit. But, stacking your wrists is no child’s play. You can’t just randomly add up all your different bracelets together and say ‘Tada!’
This trend is all about your personal style and creativity. Follow our guide to a perfectly stacked wrist here :
·       As a beginner, start with same metals and texture’s. Once, you are accustomed to this trend, you can experiment with different sizes, metals and colors.
·       I have a very small wrist (read : kid’s wrist), so stacking up bracelets becomes restrictive. If you have a fuller wrist, you can stack up your bracelets till your elbow.

Always keep a theme in mind. For my Biker chic theme, I added grunge with my Youshine Avalanche of Shakles Bracelet and Youshine skull anklet with my thrifted chain bracelet and watch.

Bohemian Chic is all about being a hippy! I added my Limeroad bracelet with my Youshine beaded bracelet and a DIY hand harness. Like I said, my wrist is really small hence, the minimal accessories.

Stacking up Rings can be fun too. If you are a beginner, use the same color and metal. Take cue from this picture and stack up your rings!
I have been recently crushing on Midi Rings! More the merrier is an understatement when it comes to midi rings! They look elegant and feminine when adorned on your fingers. I bought my set of midi rings from Forever 21 for a price of 230 rupees only! :D

Sarika Nagdeo

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