Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Say Bye Bye To Pimples....

They say that your acne and pimples go away in your twenties. But, mine just does not seem to leave me. It’s like a monster under my bed… oops.. a monster on my face! We all tend to get agitated after waking up in the morning and seeing a breakout on our face. They are itchy, nasty and they make you lose your confidence. Suddenly, a small zit on the face can turn our world upside down, cancel our date and make us stay at home hopelessly trying various home remedies.
You can either visit a dermatologist and pay a hefty amount for getting rid of those pimples or you can invest in a trusted beauty product that will gradually subside your pimple problems.
I choose the latter one.

For all my readers who follow my blog posts, know that I am an avid fan of Garnier and its products. No, I am not being partial to them! Their products are quite effective and cheap and work well with oily skin like mine. What more could I ask for?

Price : Rupees 150 for 100gms!

Packaging : The Garnier Pure Active Pore Unclogging FaceWash comes in a flip to open squeezable tube.

What I really like about the product : I am an avid user of the Pure Active Neem Face Wash. After I wake up in the morning, in the evening and before going to bed, the Neem Face Wash became my ritual. The morning I received the Pure Active Unclogging Face Wash, I had a teeny tiny zit on my face. Hence, it was the best time to try the effectiveness of the product.
The face wash comes in a blue gel which foams up pretty well. (Read : Much better than the Neem Face Wash) After applying the face wash on my face, I could smell the fragrance of peppermint due to the presence of menthol in it. After washing my face, my face felt refreshed and it removed all the oil that had been accumulated in my pores. By the end of the day, my zit subsided. Kudos to Day 1 Results! :D

What I don’t like : The Garnier Pure Active Unclogging Face wash has the same problem that the Neem Face wash had earlier. The runny liquid consistency: The liquid flows out more than what required. I hope that Garnier adapts to the same new packaging as the Neem Face wash.

The Style Compile Rating : 4/5
I would recommend this to every acne prone girl out there with oily skin.

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Sarika Nagdeo

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