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Eye Spy Style - Santoshi Shetty

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Meet Santoshi Shetty

Incase, you did not get the memo, Instagramming your #OOTD is here to stay. Santoshi Shetty who is a 4th year B.Arch (architecture) student has a tremendous fan following on Instagram. Girls like me crave for a friend to talk to about fashion. Well, whoever is one of her friends, is one lucky b***h! Her outfits will make you run to high street brands and shop till you haven't achieved perfection. THE STYLE COMPILE stalked her Instagram pictures and got you all an exclusive interview :

What inspires you and what do you like to wear more frequently?

Well, I have a thing for Indian !! Its always been my favourite and something I always get frenzy about .. pairing with Jumkas and all that jazz haha!
It looks so beautiful on every girl for me :) 
But otherwise, I prefer to experiment and go versatile .I love to try things out! Just want the fitting to be good enough.. And also I love wearing stuff which are comfortable. Always looking for Comfort at the first place. Carrying each look with confidence is what matters. 
Also, I wear clothes according to the location and occasions. 
Since I'm still a student , travelling by train in Mumbai.. Jeans,tees,strappy chappals are easy for me for the routine.

Where do you shop? Off the Streets or high street brands? (Something all her followers want to know ;) )
Ahaan. No High street brands please. I have to go to college everyday and I hate repeating clothes lol. Street shopping is something that I would always prefer.. Since, My colg is in Bandra..things have become easier for me.. I know all the nooks and corners.. Where I pick my stuff from haha! 
Okay, apart from the streets.. F21 ofcourse.. Common who doesn't like f21! Amazing stuff , good prices. That is what a girl would dream for right! If you ask for the actual dream or the plan.. to get married to the f21's owner's son. Lol. 
And other brands where I have picked some of my stuff from.. Zara, ONLY, Veromoda, Max , Splash, HnM, Mango and promode. Hmmm. .. Yes! 

What are your hobbies?

Well as you know Im an architecture student. Which is my mainstream.. So that way Fashion is my hobby... Keeping my self updated .. Looking for things online..experimenting.. Instagraming. And checking my mails and replying to my Instagram followers. Lol. 
Oh Btw Dancing and swimming happens too in my free time.. Hankering for fitness. 

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Sarika Nagdeo


  1. She can carry off the worst of outfits with hotness! WOW!

  2. Following her on Instagram <3
    Love her!

    1. We assure you, she will sweep you off your feet with her outfits! :D

  3. Amazing feature sarika well done :)

    1. Hey! Thank you :D
      Please comment with your name :)

      Would love to know my reader's name's :D

    2. Nisha Joshi!! Inzaynxx of wlcspringgiveaway competition 😊✌

  4. I'm her instagram follower :) i jst cnt stop likin her pics!!! her style z a W-O-W *-* she z my inspiration in fashion...big fan :)

  5. Santoshi looks amazing.. and good article 😘

  6. I am not your fan baby on instagram

  7. I just like your pics thats it

  8. Okay!so i have been following her on instagram and she has been a fashion inspiration for me since then.she has that charm and confidence that even a simple outfit can make her look the prettiest gal around . much love :* Apoorva :)

  9. She's my idol <3
    A fashion inspiration for meeh :))

  10. I have been following her for about a year and half and I adore her and her outfits, she is my role model, she is the definition of perfect, much love :*

  11. Hey you up to do a music video? Main lady! Let me know :)

  12. I have my own fashion page on Instagram and trust me we look up to her for newest fashion updates and upload stuff similar to what she picks ... I believe her great sense of fashion defines her ! And hats off to the article . . . Amazing work!!

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