Friday, 2 May 2014

What makes David Beckham so Irresistible?

It is David Beckham's 39th birthday. Last year, David retired from his football career. Well, we feel he was too sexy for the field! So what makes him so irresistibly hot this birthday? We have got more than 39 reasons, but here's a summary for you ;)

The football fever: David rose to fame when he first scored a 50 yard line goal. In 2002, he became the captain for the England team and helped them to qualify for the 2002 World Cup. He had a good football season from 1999-2000 when he helped the Manchester United to win the premier league. His forte has always been ‘free kicks.’ In 2003, he signed a four year contract with Real Madrid but the team did not perform well. During the FIFA quarter finals, he was replaced because of his injury in the middle of the game but the team lost and was kicked out of the World Cup. Isn’t this not enough to prove his soccer skills?

Ooh La La! His Chiseled Body: There is just something about this soccer star that makes him stand out from rest of the footballer’s. His beefed up body, tight abs and tattoo covered arms has made the ladies swoon over him time and again. He has everything a woman could ever dream of! He gets hotter when he is running on the field, all sweaty with that chiseled body. We love this delicious kind of distraction!

 Goodwill Nature: Beckham has supported the UNICEF ever since his Manchester United days. He became the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in 2005. Recently, he has pledged support for ‘Unite for Children’ and ‘Unite against AIDS’ campaign. He hosts parties at his house and donates the money to charity. He is the founding member of ‘Malaria No More UK’.  Combine his good looks, athletic body and his kind nature and we have a winner!

Experimental Style: He is known as the Global Style Icon. From his slick golden highlights, spiked hair to his bald look, David is one classy man who can never go wrong when it comes to style. He has also launched his bodywear collection for H & M. Recently, there was a five story billboard of David erected at Macy’s in San Francisco. He was wearing nothing but white Armani briefs flaunting his alpha male assets. His eye candy gave the ladies another reason to buy those briefs for their partners. We finally understood why Victoria calls him ‘golden ball’. Oops! 

Tattoos *faints*: When you see David Beckham, you see his tattoos. Beckham has at least twenty tattoos engraved on his body. He has tattoos covering his arms, some on his chest and his hips. He has a black and white image of Jesus drawn on his right side which is inspired by the painting ‘Man of Sorrows.’ He has engraved the tattoos of his son Romeo, Cruz and Brooklyn, and his wife Victoria in Hindi because he and we both feel that English is too main stream. He has an angel, a Hebrew Bible verse, and a winged cross. We are literally running out of breath describing his tattoos!

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