Monday, 19 May 2014

Quick DIY

Are you cribbing about the summer vacations like I am? Well, fret not, I have something that could keep you occupied throughout the week. Unlike other mothers, my mother never kept me away from the scissors in my childhood. My first DIY was cutting up my mother's dupatta to make a dress for my Barbie Doll. Remember those days when we stole our mother's scissor and tried to tear our denims to look cool? Haha.
So here I am urging you to take those scissors and start DIY'ing! All the DIY's are self explanatory but still, if you need more details do leave me a comment!

1. DIY Spiked Hoop Earrings : So my hoops lost their charm and color. Hence, I stopped wearing them. I just slipped in a few spikes on the hoops and Tadaaa!!!!

2. DIY Braided Charm Bracelet : My favorite things in life are love, beaches, the key to my heart and music. I braided a bracelet with a toy thread and looped these repainted charms that I found at home. 

3. DIY Stationery storage : We all have got those stupid mugs on our birthdays. Haven't we?? Inspired by the Love From India Scarf, I repainted this mug with fabric paint.

 4. Aztec Printed Sunnies : So as you can see I did not take care of my sunglasses and the color ended up rusting. I took a toothpick and my black nail paint and started painting over them to hide the black rusted spots. This has to be my proudest DIY! ;)

5. DIY Nail polish remover : Take a utensil scrubber and place it in a box. Pour some nail polish remover and remove your nail polish quickly. Also, it saves a lot of nail polish remover! Plus, it's the perfect DIY for lazy people like me.

6. DIY Floral ring : Take a U Pin and mold it according to your finger size. Attach a floral earring in it and there you go! :)

If you need any further help with DIY's, do let me know :)
Here's a list of my former DIY's incase you missed them:

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Also, I would love to see your DIY's too.. Post them on my Facebook page and I will share it with my followers :)

Sarika Nagdeo


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