Thursday, 15 May 2014

Love in the time of Summer

"I’d rather have flowers around me than diamonds around my neck"

For the past month, I have been noticing fashion bloggers layering up their clothes with blazers and donning numerous accessories. I really do not understand that why is their post termed as ‘Summer Fashion’ when it is practically impossible to wear a blazer in the heat. The month of May is getting hotter with each passing day and has definitely transformed me into a minimalist dresser. I cannot wear several heavy neckpieces around my neck at work and perspire. Hence, I opted for a white camisole paired with a cotton blue shirt. Now, we all know that the color white resists the heat and cotton allows better air circulation. Bid your heels goodbye and say hello to open toe flat footwear that allows your toes to breathe.

White Camisole – Bandra Road (100 Rupees)
Blue Cotton Shirt –
Jeans – Forever 21 (670 Rupees ONLY)
Rings- Randomly collected from all over
Neckpiece – Bought while travelling in the train (20 Rupees)
Bracelet –
Floral studded earrings -
Sunnies – Bandra Road (100 Rupees)
Footwear – Sole’d Shoes
On my eyes  - Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Turquoise Colossal Kajal and Hyper Curl Mascara
On my lips – Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist Rust Crush
On my toes – Maybelline Downtown Red

Photography By : Poonam Palnitkar.