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10 Style Lessons from Audrey Hepburn

You are never undressed or overdressed if you follow Audrey Hepburn’s sartorial style.  Sophistication, Elegance, Timeless Grace, Poise are just a few words that can be used to describe her. But, what made Audrey a style icon was her confidence and attitude that she carried off with panache. Her dreamy wardrobe will make you shop till you do not attain her look. To celebrate her 85th Birthday, we list down the style lessons we all can learn from her:
1.       Stick with the classic LBD : Simplicity and elegance should be key. Find a fitted sleeveless little black dress with a hemline that is just over the knee. Look for comfort rather than cuts.


2.       Gloves = Sophistication : Buy white or black gloves for an instant touch of sophistication.

3.       Experiment with your hair : From androgynous pixie crops to curled fringes, Audrey’s hairstyle was the talk of the town. She made us realize that even pixie cuts can look feminine.

4.       Wear a tiara even if you are not a royal like Kate Middleton : Tiara’s make you feel special. Just like every girl is supposed to feel.
5.       Don’t be afraid to go androgyny: Don’t be afraid to don a bowtie and a suit. Audrey was often seen in bold fitted suits, staple white shirts and collared tees.
6.       Red lipstick is a staple: A matte red lipstick can transform even the dullest outfits into a glamorous one.
7.       Women can wear loafers too : Loafers are often assumed to be masculine. Well, Audrey changed our perception about them. Her black suede slip-on loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo in Funny Face soon became a must have.
8.       Sunglasses can be paired with anything and everything: You cannot be Audrey Hepburn without oversized sunglasses. Audrey was known for her oversized dark Ray Ban Wayfarers.
9.       An Eye liner is a must : Audrey’s eyes were her most striking feature because of her soft eyeliner and more than perfect brows. Try perfecting the cat eye liner look with fuller lashes. If you are not naturally gifted with fuller lashes, use an eye lash curler and a volume express mascara.
10.   Pearls : What I really like about pearls are that they can be worn by women of all ages. Audrey’s outfits would have been incomplete without her set of pearl necklaces and a pair of pearl studs.

If you still need more style inspirations, watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sabrina.

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