Friday, 7 March 2014

The Blind Test Review Part One

Good things come in small white bottles

I used the Love Long Hair Shampoo and Conditioner for one hair wash.
To test the waters, I applied oil the night before and washed it early in the morning. Unlike other shampoos and conditioners, the liquid is really thick and manages to wash away all the oil and dirt. Whether it is a shampoo, conditioner or a hair masque, runny liquid tends to give a cheap impression to the users.
Also, it doesn’t lather up well which is possibly the only minus point. A shampoo that lathers up well washes away the dirt and oil easily and quickly. I had to apply the shampoo twice to get rid of the oil.
I have a really oily scalp with dry hair. Weird right? But, the shampoo controlled the frizz and oil for two days which is quite good!
Apart from all the benefits, I was really pleased with the fragrance of the shampoo and conditioner. To be honest, I kept sniffing it like a dog in the bathroom. Thumbs up for the fragrance!
It is too soon to say whether my hair has become stronger or no. Stay tuned for the second detailed review and brand revelation!

A selfie clicked after using the shampoo and conditioner(No Blow Dry)

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