Thursday, 27 February 2014

L'oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Review

Katrina Kaif, the new face of L’oreal Paris, recently unveiled the new hair care range ‘6 Oil Nourish’. The new hair care range consists of the Extraordinary Oil, Nourish Shampoo and Nourish Conditioner.

The Extraordinary oil is a perfect blend of three traditional and three exotic oils to provide us six benefits. It nourishes the scalp and hair deeply without a heavy feel. 

Argan – Strong
Olive – Soft
Almond – Thick
Cocunut – Manageable
Jojoba – Shiny
Camelina –  Smooth

“I love your hair”, “Your hair is so smooth and shiny”, “Have you straightened your hair?” and “What shampoo and oil do you use?” These are some of the questions people ask me repeatedly. “I have never straightened my hair or undergone any treatment, it is natural” I say. My mother always oiled my hair when I was a kid and hence, she is the one to be credited for my hair. But, then I grew up into a brat and hated the smell and greasiness the coconut oil gave. Later, I was introduced to the Moroccan Argan Oil that burnt a hole in my wallet. It had been four months since I used oil on my hair when L’oreal came to my clich├ęd rescue by launching the 6 Oil Nourish. The Extraordinary Oil can be used before a hair wash or after to tame the frizz.

My mother was taken aback after she saw the oil bottle in my drawer. “Are you really going to apply oil today?” she said. Well, at least L’oreal and a weekend got me to take care of my tresses.

 I used to run into my room when my mother opened the coconut oil because of its fragrance. The jojoba and argan oil have an overpowering sweet fragrance when you open Extraordinary Oil bottle. My favorite! Kudos L’oreal!

When used before a wash, it did make my hair smoother.
When used after a wash, my tresses were more manageable and shinier. 3 benefits check.
See the shine????

Price - 100 ml for 199 rupees.

Why I liked it:
Budget friendly
6 oils in one!
Adaptable to any hair.
Transparent liquid oil.

Why I didn’t like it
Glass bottle which is not travel friendly
The plastic lid inside. (Prefer a pump dispenser)

The Style Compile Rating:

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Shit People do in the Mumbai Local

Hello everyone,

You know how annoying it can be when you travel to work or college everyday in the Mumbai Local. Well, there are kind and polite people who will help you but then there are people who will annoy you until you reach your destination. Those annoying aunties that will fight till you regret, they will keep bargaining until they the seller agrees to sell it at the desired price and then those uncles who will talk so loudly that you can't help but eves drop.

This video is all about the Shit people do and say in the Mumbai Local.

Spend a minute to see this video to laugh your guts out!

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That's all you need to do.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Last minute V-day Gifts for HER

Now since, most of you guys have been stressing over the past week over the "What to buy her" question, here's a last minute Valentine's Day gift guide:
With Valentine's Day around the corner, you can't really take the risk of ordering something online. Dress your best and buy your girl some makeup. Makeup is one of the many ways for a woman to look and feel pretty. Whether it is just a fling or a serious relationship, your girl is bound to love these gifts. P.S.-If you are looking to make a bigger impression try the 'Splurge' section (Be prepared to get laid)

Maybelline Color Show: With over 40 shades to choose from at the price of 75 rupees, you cannot avoid a nail paint. If you are going for the whole red or pink valentines day feel, you could buy a Cindrella Pink or Downtown Red.

L'oreal Paris Color Riche Nail art stickers: At 299 rupees, you can help your girlfriend's nails look pretty as perfect. 

Adidas Fruity Rhythm: Perfume makes a great gift since it is easy to carry and wrap. At 600 rupees, Adidas' fruity rhythm boasts of an overwhelming floral scent.

Pouty Lip Phone Cover from Limeroad: This is one of my favorites. Is somebody hearing? You'd get a pout-ilicious phone at the price of 719 from

Maybelline Bold Matte Lipstick:Go bold or go home! Maybelline's first matte lipstick at the price of 375 is a sure shot win-win situation. If your girlfriend is a big fan of the neon trend, you are bound to find a long lasting neon lipstick in the Bold Matte range.

L'oreal True Match Foundation: No more fairness creams, bb creams or concealers needed if you invest in the True Match Foundation. Super blendable and waterproof, the true match foundation is long lasting. The only con to it is that it may break your bank for 975 rupees.

Lakme Absolute Neon Pink Gloss Stylist: Read my review of the Gloss Stylist right here.

Elizabeth Arden Scarlet Red: Elizabeth Arden's lipstick have been one of the best selling lipsticks due to its luxurious quality. I believe, one can never go wrong with red lipstick! Hence, buy her the god damn lipstick now!

Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Pink Burst for 400 rupees: Highly glossy, low maintenance and long lasting, the gel stylist tends to make your nails look like you have visited the parlor.

Vanitas Versace: 5300 is not a big price to pay for V-day if you have not bought a gift yet! I bet your girlfriend is going to keep thanking you for this!

Lancome Dream Tone for 7500 rupees : Lancome recently introduced the Dream Tone Spot corrector that can get rid of acne, dark spots and uneven skin tone. It is just like a BB Cream but much more expensive and effective.

Givenchy Le Rose Revelateur Magic Lip Gloss: Available in a gloss and a lipstick, you cannot go wrong with Givenchy. Apply and wait for some Givenchy magi. The color adapting technology is a clear gloss that turns into the perfect pink for your lips. Available at

Coco Chanel Noir for 15,000 rupees: Give her the gift of fragrance with Coco Chanel Noir. The sharp and edgy black packaging and grapefruit scent is worth an investment.

Dior Nail Glow: Dior's Nail Glow enhances the color of your dull nails. Best for a french manicure, when applied on the nails, the white becomes whiter and the pink becomes dark pink. Expensive but definitely worth it for 1680 rupees at Nordstorm.

Clinique Cheek Pop Berry: I love the feminine packaging and so will your girl. Richly pigmented, light textured and super blendable, Cheek Pop will highlight your complexion and make you feel confident. Available at

What are you planning to gift your girl on V-day? Let me know by commenting below

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Soul to Sole

Recently, when I was doing a compiled post on the Top 5 Fab Facebook Stores, I came in touch with Sole'd Shoes that had a huge variety of irresistible sandals in every possible color. Comfortable and trendy, these sandals are worth every penny.

Who: Sole’d Shoes- Facebook store run by Nita Parkash, Karishma Suri & Sonam Parkash.

How does it work:
Visit their Facebook page here:

Choose your favorite footwear

Book your order by emailing them the serial number and shoe size to You can leave them a Facebook message too.

They make it with love and care i.e. from scratch in order to maintain the quality of the shoes hence it may take time to reach you. But, you should receive your order in a week or two.

The Style Compile’s review:
When you meet someone, the first thing they notice are your shoes or so they say. I am a very fussy minimalist who is very hard to please when it comes to footwear. The particular pair that I selected can be worn to college, lunch date or to a movie. It is a brown and gold studded open toe. The double buckle ankle strap grants added stability and security for train travelers like me who dread of misplacing their shoe. Phew! The sole is sturdy and hard that can withstand rough use. The leather sole is soft and buttery.
These shoes knocked me off my feet. (Pun intended) They are so good! The color pairs well with everything from my LBD, my light to dark colored denims and my skater skirts. The quality and construction is made to perfection that met my standards.
Skip those sales at the malls and go Facebook shopping with them!

Leave me a comment if you checked them out!