Friday, 17 January 2014

Are you one of these guys?

Are you too lazy to stand in front of your open closet and think of “What to wear”? Would you rather spend that time sleeping than looking through your clothes? Not considering the time, place and occasion could lead to a major fashion faux pas.
The Style Compile has compiled a list of the most common fashion faux pas committed by men. If you are one of these fashion sinners, give yourself a makeover by dumping your clothes into the dustbin.

A V-Neck tee: Because A, you are not Justin Bieber and B, no one would like to see your newly waxed chest or should we say unshaven and hairy chest?

Socks and Sandals: One of the most common and major fashion faux pas that disgusts me is the combination of socks with sandals. Why would you ever want to wear socks with sandals? Socks are for sneakers and sandals are supposed to be worn solely. 

Wrinkled Clothes: That black suit or a solid white shirt won’t flatter you unless it is wrinkle-free. Make sure you iron your clothes before you leave home. If you are lazy to iron, invest in wrinkle free fabrics like Wool and Polyester.

Bling Bling: Women love to layer their baubles but the men need to be cautious while accessorizing their outfit with bling. If you are going for a gangster themed party, you are exempted from blingy jewelery.  The gold chains with the silver dollar sign, metallic watch and knuckle rings would make you look like a mugger from the by-lanes of New Jersey. P.S. Don’t be inspired by Bappi Lahiri.

Crocs: Crocs can only look cute on two year olds. These ugly rubber sandals with holes will not only make your feet look wider but will also make you feel like an idiot. Avoid crocs like plague! Period.

Too many colors: There is nothing wrong with mixing and matching colors. But, you don’t want to end up looking like clowns from the circus. Do you? We all learnt the primary and secondary color wheel during our school times. Take a cue from the color wheel and mix and match complementary colors. Don’t: Mix and match yellow, orange and pink. Do: Mix and match yellow and grey! And don’t think of wearing one color from head to toe. For example: the blue tee with blue jeans and blue shoes. Here's the simple way to do it- Match the leather color of your belt, watch and shoes.

Overdoing designer labels: Wear designer clothes but do not let their labels wear you. The Ed hardy era ended long ago. For those of you who end up buying cheap copies of Emporio Armani or Hermès
thinking no one would notice, rethink your decision since fake labels are easy to spot. If you cannot afford them, please window shop like us and respect their work.

Baggy pants: If you think women would like to see your underpants, you are wrong. Picture this, you want to run from the police or your friend and you need to keep pulling up your pants every time you take two steps. Here is what President Obama had to say: "Brothers should pull up their pants. You're walking by your mother, your grandmother, and your underwear is showing.”

P.S. Salman Khan is an exception to this list of fashion faux pas since he carries off print on print, multiple colors and designer labels with grace!

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