Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dhoom 3: Hot or Not???

Costume Review:

Bollywood movies have become popular for their out an out plagiarism. We were familiar with the copying of the plot, the soundtrack and now with the release of the much awaited film Dhoom 3, the noticeable costume resemblance. 
Remember the Dhoom 3 poster featuring the silhouette of Aamir Khan against the twilight lit city foreground?? Well, that was copied too!

With all due respect to the costume stylists for Dhoom 3, I have only one question. Were you running out of clothes or just more ideas??

We were in awe of Katrina’s hip shaking moves in the title track as well as in the song ‘Kamli’. But choreography alone cannot entertain the audience. Not only did the plot leave us disappointed but also did the costumes.

Let’s take a look at who wore what and the Copy Kat!

 The red bodysuit with gold tassels resembled Rihanna's outfit from one of her stage performances. The only noticeable difference is that the color of Riri's bodysuit was gold and silver.
 I simply adore Nikhil Thampi and all his creations! Especially this very belted thigh high slit gown. Beyonce created a rage with her song "Girls(Run the World)" and hence one cannot fail to observe the imitation.

 First Kangna Ranaut and now Katrina. Yes, we all would like to be Anne Hathaway from The Dark Knight Rises. But, we do not get inspired oops. did I say inspire?? Err, we do not copy her costume!
Did Kangna copy Anne? or did Kat copy Kangna?? 

 Beyonce is a style inspiration for one and all. Yes, and even for our dear Kat. Beyonce wore these red suede Casadei boots in her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Katrina took a leaf from her and wore the same in gold.

No, this time we are not talking of Katrina. But, Aamir Khan. Yes, the Mr. Perfectionist has lost some perspective in his styling or maybe he has been preparing for Ghaijini 2?
Mr.Khan is seen wearing the same white suit with a black bow. Notice the same pose too??

Bollywood Vs Hollywood has always been prevalent when it comes to costumes. But, Bollywood Vs Bollywood??
Which color do you like the most?
The neon green bralette worn by Priyanka Chopra for her debut single 'Exotic' or the fuschia pink worn by Katrina in Dhoom??

 Wasn't this transparent glittery dress passé?? Jennifer Lopez gave a scintillating performance in this dress at the American Music Awards in the year 2011. Two years later, our very own Priyanka was seen in a similar dress in her debut single 'Exotic.' And now, Katrina didn't shy away from the limelight after copying the same dress. 

 Yes, again Priyanka Chopra and her exotic costume. Frankly, we are tired with this copy Kat.

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