Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Recycle your Old Denim.


The older the jeans, the better they are and Denim jeans will always be a classic.  But often, they tear up since they have not been worn frequently. My jeans were in the corner of my closet alienated from all the colorful shorts and skirts. When I cleaned my closet, I saw a huge tear on the jeans. So I decided to recycle them in a fashionable way.

At Citizenkay, we show you 3 ways to recycle your denims :)

1. As the weather heats up, short shorts are back in season. Cut your jeans as per your preference to make shorts.

Make a heart shaped stencil from a piece of cardboard and paint hearts with white fabric glue on your jeans.IMG-20130413-03215

After all the hearts are painted, let your shorts dry up for a minimum 3 hours. After it is completely dry, Iron it.IMG-20130413-03219


2. Just like your favorite pair of jeans, denim footwear goes with just about everything. From the left over pieces of my jeans, I used denim fabric to cover my old chappals to give them a denim look :)


3. Citizenkay loves her accessories. She tries to make every possible necklace herself. I painted gems with nail polish and stuck it on a V-Shape denim fabric to create a statement necklace perfect for the summer months.


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DIY by: Sarika Nagdeo.

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